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Women's Center

The Women's Center exists to help address issues of gender-inequity and women's well-being by education and engagement in the campus community. The center collaborates with a variety of other offices and organizations, both on and off campus, to help educate and support members of the campus community through several events and programs every semester. We also provide a lending library of books and other resources available on short-term loan to anyone with a current Rohrbach Library account. Computers, microwave, and television (DVD/VHS) are also available.

We are located to the right of the main lobby of Old Main, across from the Information Desk.
Personnel welcome telephone calls and visits from individuals seeking advice and information; all contacts are handled in a confidential manner. 


Women's Center Logo; "A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men" - Gloria Steinem, activist


Join us April 23, 2015 for
Clothesline Project 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Rows of t-shirts provide a visual demonstration about rape and violence against women. Survivors and friends decorate t-shirts as a way to express their emotions and tell their stories of the trauma they have experienced.  

For more information, visit

Take Back the Night 7 p.m.

Survivors of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual abuse come together to share their stories on this one powerful night. FMLA encourages students, faculty, staff and community members to celebrate the survivors with performances and poetry. A silent vigil and march will follow, ending with a gathering in the Women's Center Oasis, Old Main 3. For more information, visit

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Heart at KU

Advocating for the Victims of Sexual and Relationship Violence

Have you been sexually assaulted? Are you experiencing violence in your relationship?  We are here to help. 

Connect to information about HEART at KU.

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