Recent Student Research Projects

"Determination of the Level of Pesticides at a Nursery,"
Jeannette Geerlings(Dr. Bacon)

"A Water Pollution Study of the Kanawba River, West Virginia,"
Katherine Maier (Dr. Bacon)

"Dehydration of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate in Sulfuric Acid Using Dry Gypsum and Precipitated Gypsum," Nicolas DiPaolo (Dr. Bacon)

"An HPLC Study of the Insecticide Cyfluthrin,"
Nicolas DiPaolo (Dr. Bacon)

"Persistence of Pendimethalin and Cyfluthrin in Soil,"
Robin Purcell (Dr. Bacon)

"Analysis of Hetero Compounds in Crude Oil by Fluorescence,"
John Fowler (Dr. Betts)

"Fluorescence Investigation of Partition Chromatography,"
Joe Daknis (Dr. Betts)

"Construction of Fluorescence-based Oxygen Sensor,"
Lynn Rinehart (Dr. Betts)

"Chemical Byproducts of Chlorination of Wastewater,"
Lynn Rinehart (Dr. Blanchard)

"Population Study of the Red Spotted Newt,"
Stephanie Bromleigh (Professor Gray)

"A Study of Fossilized Ferns and Fern Allies of Pennsylvania,"
Shawn Barnes (Dr. Mapes)

"The Effects of the Length of Cold Exposure on Pupariation of the Larvae of Eurosta solidaginis ," Nancy Fetterman (Dr. Mapes)

"The Flora of the Kutztown University Wetland at the Pennsylvania German Cultural Heritage Center," Kathleen Hoffman (Dr. Mapes)

"Factors Affecting Pupariation of the Goldenrod Gall Fly Eurosta solidaginis," Jenny Metz (Dr. Mapes)

" Oviposition of the Goldenrod Gall Fly Eurosta solidaginis,"
Kenneth Miller (Dr. Mapes)

"A Baseline Study of the Plant Species in the Saucony Marsh,"
Kate Pizagno (Dr. Mapes)

"A Survey of Galls Found on Quercus spp. at Hawk Mountain and in the Kutztown Area," Julie Shields (Dr. Mapes)

"Plant Galls and Gall Makers of Berks County,"
Jerome Smith (Dr. Mapes)

"The Effect of Light on Puparium Formation of the Goldenrod Gall Fly Eurosta solidaginis," Jason Vendetti (Dr. Mapes)

"Computer Cataloguing of the Historical Collections of Plants of Pennsylvania in the KU Herbarium," Deanna Witman (Dr. Mapes)

"The Orientation of Exit Tunnels in Ball Galls on Solidago altissima,"
Tara Williams (Dr. Mapes)

"Measurement of Lead Content in Soil on Campus,"
Cheryl Houghton (Dr. Marino)

"A Study of Aquatic Insects at the Kutztown University Ecoplot,"
Scott Williamson (Dr. Rhein)

"Municipal & Domestic Waste Treatment,"
Michael Carmody (Dr. Simpson)

"Sewage Treatment Codes,"
William Long (Dr. Simpson)

"Hydrogeological Study of Sinkholes,"
Matt Wigglesworth (Dr. Varma)

"Water Quality along the Saucony Creek,"
Rebecca Ohl (Dr. Zayaitz)

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