September 4 – October 5

Kati Toivanen

Using a technique of seamless digital collage, Toivanen creates imagery that is at once familiar and mysterious, enchanting and disorienting. Scale, color, texture, and juxtaposition compete and coalesce to transform the ordinary into fictional vignettes. Through aesthetic seduction and subversion, the works become visual Venus flytraps, worlds of beauty interwoven with moments of surprise and discomfort. This exhibition will feature large scale photography and video projection.
Exhibition Dates: September 4 - October 5
Opening reception: Thursday September 4, 4 - 6pm
Gallery Talk by the artist during the reception, 5pm

October 16 – November 21

ENGAGE: Color, Ritual, and Material Studies

Opening reception: Thursday, October 16, 4 - 6pm
'Meet the Artists' reception: Friday, November 21, 4 - 6pm

Artists taking part:
Mary Hark, Janice Arnold, Ritsuko Hirai,
Ted Hallman, Theo Uliano, Moon Jung Jang,
Amy Putansu, Jeff Clancy, Dorothy Akpene Amenuke, Barbara Tetenbaum

Presented in conjunction with the 76th Annual KU Art Education Conference on November 21, 2014. The conference and exhibition will focus on how artists use color, ritual, and material manipulation both in their own practice and in their teaching.

Artist In Residency Update

The Marlin and Regina Miller Gallery is pleased to announce the 2015 Artist in Residence Recipient, Michael Covello, Tampa, Florida.

For more information about Covello's mixed media installations, please visit his website