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September 2012: Tom Whalen

Raised by feral robot wolves in the backwoods of Northeastern Pennsylvania and nourished on a steady diet of comic books, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and Swedish fish, Tom Whalen has a high-pitched, metallic voice in his head that compels him to endlessly churn out all sorts of vectorized madness. infatuated with all things giant, japanese and city-destroying, tom is a confessed monster junkie who cannot wait for earth to be overrun by either zombies, werewolves or vampires so that he can field test the wooden-stake-firing chain gun that he's been working on in his basement for the past 38 or so years. he also adores kittens.

Introduced to graphic art by the likes of Ditko, Lee, McFarlane, and Simonson at an early age, Tom formally studied illustration and design at Kutztown University before working as a graphic designer and an editorial illustrator. He has recently completed projects for the Black Keys, Topps, Mondo, IDW Comics, the Hub, Wired, Scientific American, PC World and Nicktoons.

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