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Applying to the BFA program in Studio art at Kutztown University is a two-step process for all but internal transfer students. All students must apply to the university AND submit a portfolio to the Fine Arts department for review. This requirement applies to incoming freshmen, transfer students and students changing majors within KU. You must be accepted by both the university and the Fine Arts Department to enter the BFA program in Studio Art.

1- APPLY TO THE UNIVERSITY: by submitting an application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

2- APPLY TO THE FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT: by submitting an online portfolio (details below). A faculty committee of will review your work to determine if you are sufficiently prepared for the core foundation courses required during your

Freshman and Sophomore years.  The committee’s decision is final and will be forwarded to the Kutztown University

Admissions Office (see application deadlines below).


Freshman for Fall 2016 submit your portfolios between August 31, 2015 and February 1, 2016.

Transfers for Fall 2016 submit your portfolios between August 31, 2015 and April 1, 2016.

Students for Spring 2016 submit your portfolios between August 31, 2015 and November 1, 2015.

YOUR PORTFOLIO should include photos of your 10-20 best artworks (3 works must be drawings from observation). Your other images can include ceramics, collages, drawings, mixed-medium works, paintings, pastels, photographs, printmaking, sculpture, video, etc. You should try to include pieces that demonstrate your compositional and color skills. If you have three-dimensional pieces, you can include two images of each piece from different angles to better represent the total work.

            You must include at least three drawings from observation. These may include drawings of still lifes, live models, landscapes, or self-portraits observed in a mirror. Do not include drawings from photographs, copies of commercial art, copies of another artist’s work, or drawings made from memory. If you don’t already have three drawings from direct observation, here are some suggestions:

            • Arrange some simple objects on a table and draw them (cups, bowls and spoons         work well), or draw a shoe form an interesting angle. Illuminate objects with a desk lamp to create interesting shadows.

            • Draw a section of a room interior including furniture and wall features like windows and doorways.

            •Draw an architectural structure in the landscape, like a buildings or a bridge.

SUBMIT YOUR PORTFOLIO to KU’s Fine Arts Department using SlideRoom, an online portfolio submission system.

There is a $12 processing fee.

    1. Go to

    2. Create an account using your primary email address

    3. Select your application category:

BFA Studio Art — Freshman Applicants, Spring 2015 (Deadline: 11/21/2014)

BFA Studio Art — External Transfers, Spring 2015 (Deadline: 11/21/2014)

BFA Studio Art — External Transfers, Fall 2015 (Deadline: 02/13/2015)

* The use of SlideRoom is not mandatory for application. Students may contact the Fine Arts department about alternate methods of submitting.

STEPS & DEADLINES for APPLYING TO KU’s B.F.A Fine Art (Studio Art)

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