The Geographic Information System Consortium

of the

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education

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Objectives of the Consortium

 To provide a vehicle by which the faculty of PASSHE universities will be able to communicate ideas, exchange data and skills, share research dealing with all aspects of geographic information systems (GIS) and related geospatial technologies.

 To encourage scholarship among the students attending PASSHE universities and the faculty.

To provide outreach to institutions and communities on the use of Geographic Information System and geospatial technologies.

For a complete list of the objectives, please see the Bylaws


Consortium Membership

PASSHE Members

Affiliate Members


Fall 2009 Meeting



GIS/Geography Programs

Kutztown University

Shippensburg University


Student GIS Projects

Jake Kennedy, Kutztown University -- Cycling Networks

Study Area



Campus GIS Projects

"Kutztown University Arborteum Project or 'Where are the Trees?'"

“Identifying Target Enrollment Areas to Improve Diversity, Part 2”

“Identifying Target Enrollment Areas to Improve Diversity”

“The Shrinking Student Pool and Higher Education:  An Example from Pennsylvania”


Faculty GIS Projects

"Finding a Way:  Student Exercises with Network Analysis"

"What Makes a Good GIS Lab Exercise?"

"Improving a Student's Global View"

"Plotting Educational Outcomes"

"Stalking the 'Nerds' or Where are the Science Majors?"

“A Hawk’s Eye View: Building the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary GIS”



Last Updated:  01 July 2009