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Welcome to Kutztown University's Geology Program!

Kutztown University Geology Faculty

We pride ourselves in being a small program in which every faculty member knows every geology major personally.
We have seven geology faculty, each specializing in one of the major branches of geology.
We have no graduate students -- all classes and all labs are taught by faculty members.
Our students are our primary focus.
Dr. Adrienne Oakley
                    Geology students
Kutztown University courses and program

Our geology program requirements were designed student futures in mind.
We prepare our students with enough fundamental understanding of geology to succeed in graduate school, and provide the practical field experience needed to succeed as career geologists.
Our course requirements were chosen to parallel the subjects on the Professional Geologist licensing exam.

Kutztown University Geology undergraduate
                      student research

Our faculty believe that involving undergraduate students in research helps students build a more permanent and thorough understanding of geologic concepts and reasoning.  Research projects require students to pull together knowledge from many different courses, resulting in a more comprehensive view of our world.
Kutztown University does not have a graduate program in geology.  Undergraduate students are our only
Kutztown students in Henan China doing research

Geology Club at Butte, Montana

Kutztown University Geology program activities

Geology courses Kutztown University seek to make opportunities to get out and explore.
These are some photos from recent Kutztown University Geology field trips.

Kutztown University recent

What can a person do with a degree in Geology? 
Take a look at some of the summer internship opportunities and careers our students have recently pursued.

Ed Tester - recent graduate

Geology Club trip to Machu Picchu 2009

Kutztown University Geology Club

We have a very active Geology Club that travels a lot.
Kutztown University Geology Club runs frequent trips to local fossil localities, mineral collecting quarries, and museums.
Geology Club also travels to more distant destinations because the mountains are not going to come to us - we must go to the mountains!  The Geology Club has traveled to Costa Rica and Peru to see volcanoes and beaches.  We've traveled to West Virginia to go white water rafting, to Arizona to see the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, and Kentucky for caving. 
Geology Club also does philanthropic volunteer work for the community. 

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Kurt Friehauf - June 2013