Summer 2014 Online Classes

Summer I

HIS 015 810 History of Civ B - Saidi - 100% Online

This course will examine history from 1500 to the present.  We will cover the role of the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America and at how the last 500 years of world history shaped the world we live in today.

HIS 025 810 U.S. Formative Yrs. & Federal Republic - Gabriel - 100% Online

This class will examine US history from c.1400-1865.  Some of the topics covered will include the founding of the colonies, the American Revolution, westward expansion, slavery, social change, and the Civil War.  Students will be assessed based on tests, discussions, and writing, among other assignments. 


Summer II

HIS 227 810 History of the Holocaust - Delaney - Blended

75% Online & Tuesdays 10 am - noon

This course is a study of the Holocaust in Nazi-dominated Europe. It focuses on Nazism's mass murder of European Jewry and other targeted groups that produced a mosaic of ethnic, social and political victims. Special attention centers on Germany's pursuit of genocide, and how that quest was heavily dependent upon foreign help provided by Nazi allies, vanquished states, and collaborationist governments constituting much of Europe.

HIS 233 810 20th Century Latin American Revolutions - Blended

75% Online & Tuesdays 3-5 pm

This course examines the origins and evolution of the Mexican, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, and Zapatista revolutions. It will trace the circumstances that produced rebellion, the ideology that guided it, and the attempts to transform revolution into sovereign government. We will examine both common features and important departures populating Latin American revolutions over the last one hundred years. In doing so, students may better understand some of the most important turning points in the history of the hemisphere and its people.****

****Note: This is the last time a Latin American course will be offered until Fall 2015.

Fall 2014 Online Courses

HIS 014 810 History of Civ A - Stanley - 100% Online

HIS 161 810 History of Africa to 1800 - Saidi - 100% Online

HIS 204 810 Women in African History - Saidi - 100% Online



The Department of History offers studies in a variety of historical fields to prepare students for the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education, and the Bachelor of Arts degree with Paralegal Studies.

The Department has designed a curriculum that prepares students for advanced study at the graduate level. Students interested in a more diverse career track may also apply what they learn to professions in law, government, museum work, and historical preservation. Business and industry commonly employ graduates with a history degree because of their advanced writing, analytic, and research skills.

Our History degree with Paralegal Studies major is approved by the American Bar Association and taught in conjunction with Lehigh Carbon Community College.

Our Bachelor of Science Program in Secondary Education offers qualified graduates provisional certification from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in Social Studies Education.


Kutztown University has established several prizes that are awarded to outstanding graduating seniors in history. The awards encourage academic achievement and honor outstanding accomplishment in history. The History Department recommends students to receive the following awards at graduation: the Bright and Lucille Beck Award in American History, the Anthony J. Mazzaferri Award for Distinguished Scholarship in History, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Award. The Anthony J. Mazzaferri and Esther M. Willits History Scholarships are given annually to outstanding history majors.

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