2013-2014 Committees

5th Year Evaluation & Promotion Committee

Johnson -chair, Derr, Gabriel, Reynolds, Rodriquez, Sowerwine, Stanley

Faculty due for 5 yr review: Delaney, Gambone

Evaluation Committee of Tenure-Track & Temp Faculty

Johnson - chair, Derr, Gabriel, Reynolds, Rodriquez, Sanelli, Sowerwine, Stanley

Liberal Arts Committee

Reynolds - chair, Gabriel, Saidi

Assessment Committee

Stanley - chair (fall), Derr, Rodriquez, Sanelli

Scholarships Committee

Delaney - chair, Gambone, Sowerwine

Willits Lecture Committee

Lea, Delaney, Johnson

Chair Nominating Committee

Derr - chair, Reynolds, Saidi

Faculty Mentors

Stanley - Saidi

Derr - Lea

Department Representatives:

Senate: Lea

Rep. Council: Rodriquez

Curriculum Committee: Stanley (fall)

LAS - ATC: Saidi

LAS Assessment: Reynolds

Internship Coordinator: Gabriel

Dept. Secretary: Lea

Treasurer: Gabriel

History Club/Phi Alpha Theta: Saidi

Internship Coordinator: Gabriel

About Time: Delaney

Website: Manmiller

Andrew Arnold, Ph.D
Professor and Chair
Lytle 115
Phone: 610-683-4385

Anne Manmiller
Lytle 115
Phone: 610-683-4385
Fax: 610-683-4047