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There are two undergraduate programs in Marine Science at Kutztown University.

A Bachelor of Science in Marine Science degree program is available for those students who desire an interdisciplinary background in oceanography. The program can be tailored to accommodate the students whose individual interests are broad, or who wish to concentrate their course work in one of the following disciplines:
A Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education degree with a major in Marine Science is also available for students who have interests in education. Through this program, students receive certification from the Department of Education to teach earth science in Pennsylvania secondary schools. Additional services may be arranged in the form of courses and/or programs as teachers in-service training, or adult continuing education.

We also offer a minor in Marine Sciences for people who want to supplement other majors.

Marine Science Specializations

Advanced undergraduate courses identifiable with a subdiscipline within Marine Science are particularly useful for specific career assignments and advanced study. Many of these courses are available through Kutztown University. A partial list of specializations involving the Marine Scientist includes:

Increased educational background typically improves job opportunities by qualifying the prospective marine science professional for work involving education and research in industry as well as higher education. Those completing Kutztown University marine science programs who have gone on to graduate school have done well in gaining admission and succeeding in advanced studies.

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