Mission Possible - Division C  (Document= Rules Explanation)

Per rule 5c. in the Division C rules manual, your team’s ETL must be submitted to    no later than
5 pm on March 17, 2014.  I will reply via email to confirm receipt of your ETL.  Having your team’s ETL in advance will help me to score their device as accurately as possible.  If they make changes between the deadline and the competition, they may submit a revised ETL with no penalty.  Furthermore, if your team wishes to submit their ETL in advance of the deadline, I will be happy inspect it and comment as to anything that sticks out to me as a possible issue on the day of the competition.  Your team may then make the appropriate changes and resubmit their ETL.

This year’s Mission is a challenging event; the energy transfer format has engendered considerable discussion on the message boards as to what constitutes a valid transfer, and there are some rules that are not well explained in the manual.  In the interest of minimizing confusion and differences of interpretation, I have written a document that details my interpretation of certain rules and an explanation of how I will judge whether a particular energy transfer fits within the scope of the rules.  I encourage you to share this document with your students.  If they are still not sure whether what they are doing with their device will be acceptable, please do not hesitate to have them contact me at the email address above, and to share their ETL with me in advance of the submission deadline.

Finally, as of this time, the National website does not have an example of the required format for the ETL.  I expect that this will be posted shortly, but in the meantime, please use the following format.  The numbers in parentheses in the second column designate the first, second, or third time that energy form is transferred from to another.
-Dave Drummer - Event Supervisor

Update - 1/20/2014  ETL format Document

Please check the National Site for Rule Clarifications frequently!!!

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