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Addictions Studies Institute


The purpose of the Addictions Studies Institute is to conduct research, provide education, and professional development.

Principal Investigator

John Conahan, LCSW, ACSW, CAC, PhD



Community Activities and Presentations

Dr. Conahan is Chair of the Board of Directors for The Gate House.

Conahan, J.  (May 10, 2005).  Training series on passive restraint with children: Strategies for staff and foster parents.  Presentation at Lehigh County Catholic Social Services.

Conahan, J.  (March 31, 2005).  Social Work Leadership: Organizational Challenges to Gender Specific Chemical Dependency Treatment.  Presentation at the Pennsylvania NASW Conference.

Conahan, J.  (January 2005).  Gender Specific Chemical Dependency Treatment.  Presentation at the Lehigh Valley NASW Chapter.

Conahan, J.  (May 2002).  Women’s Trauma and Addiction: New Approaches, Better Outcomes.  Presentation at Princeton House Conference on Women and Addiction, Princeton New Jersey.

Conahan, J.  (June 2001).  Clinical Supervision for Addiction Treatment Professionals.  Presentation at University of Utah School of Alcoholism.

Conahan, J.  (June 2000).  Addiction treatment with adolescents and clinical supervision.  Presentation at University of Utah School of Alcoholism.

Research and Publications

Conahan, J.  (2005).  Organizational structure and its relationship to the delivery of gender specific drug and alcohol services.

Beyer, E., & Conahan, J.  (2002).  Females with Dual Diagnoses: Implications for Specialized Clinical Approaches.  In D., F. O’Connell (Ed.), Managing the Dually Diagnosed Patient: Current Issues and Clinical Approaches.  The Haworth Press.

Conahan, J.A. (1999).  How An Established Chemical Dependency Treatment Center Manages Change, Behavioral Health Management, March/April 1999.

Lisnow, F.D. & Conahan, J.A. (1989).  Treating Cocaine Addiction, The Counselor, November/December 1989.


Dr. Sharon C. Lyter




Dr. John Vafeas



Related Courses

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SWK561 Motivational Interviewing Skills: Social Work Strategies in Gender Sensitive Addiction Treatment
SWK286 Social Work and Substance Abuse
EDW502 Substance Abuse in Adolescents: Classroom Strategies for Teachers

Agencies Hosting Interns

Council on Chemical Abuse

Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse (CADA)

The Gate House

R.J. Caron Foundation

Treatment Trends Inc.

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