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Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico

Application Guidelines

  1. Completed application packets are due in the Clinical Experience & Outreach Office on or before 4:00 PM XXXX. Incomplete or late packets will not be accepted.
  2. Read all parts of the application packet before starting to complete the form.
  3. Complete the three-page application form. Carefully print information on the application. Illegible applications will not be considered.
  4. Write your name on each envelope before giving the evaluation forms to faculty. Explain that the faculty member is to (a) complete the evaluation form; (b) insert it into the envelope with your name on it; (c) seal the envelope; (d) sign his/her name across the flap and return the envelope to you. You must submit these envelopes unopened.
  5. Distribute three faculty evaluation forms (with the two instruction sheets) to faculty who will be able to evaluate you in the categories listed on the evaluation form.
  6. You must explain the one-week timeline and the procedure for sealing the evaluation form in the envelope to each faculty member in person. Forms left in mailboxes or slid under doors are often ignored.
  7. Establish a date (no more than one week in the future) on which you will return to pick up the completed evaluation form from each faculty member.
  8. Return on the appointed day to retrieve the completed form. If a faculty member does not keep to the timeline, consider requesting an extra evaluation form from the FE & O Office and submitting it to another faculty member. You may only submit three evaluation forms. Incomplete application packets (i.e. those with less than three evaluation forms) will not be accepted.
  9. Place your completed and signed application form together with the three faculty evaluation forms (in their sealed envelopes) into the large brown KU envelope.
  10. Return the completed application packet (with your name on the brown envelope) to the Clinical Experience & Outreach Office on or before XXXX. Do not slide it under the door or place it on a desk. Make sure you give it to someone (e.g. Miss Kreitz, Mrs. Folk or a student worker). Your name will be recorded on the Sem/Year Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico applicant list.
  11. Applications will be reviewed and students selected for interviews on the strength of their application, QPA and faculty evaluations.
  12. After the interviews, a maximum of five students will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico Program.