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Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico


  • Available to students in the following certification programs:
    • Elementary Education
    • Art Education
    • Library Science
    • Secondary Education
    • Special Education
    • Music Education


  • Available in both Fall and Spring semesters
    • Second Assignment Only (October-December in Fall or March-May in Spring)


  • University of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez Campus
    • Mayaquez, Puerto Rico (West Coast of Puerto Rico)


  • Placements in Puerto Rico will depend on certification areas and availability of school placement
  • Every effort will be made to secure a grade/age level that compliment’s each teacher candidate’s first placement in Pennsylvania
  • Placements will be made at the U.S. Department of Defense Ramey Unit School, Aquadilla, Puerto Rico


  • Supervision will be conducted by the staff at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayaquez Campus
    • They will evaluate and conduct weekly practicum
    • KU evaluation forms will be used for the “in-progress” and “final” evaluations


  • Seven weeks (Fall semester)
  • Eight weeks (Spring semester)
  • Begins on the Sunday after the first assignment ends
  • Flights depart from Newark or Philadelphia and arrive at Aquadilla or Mayaquez.


  • Kutztown University Clinical Experience Evaluation Forms will be used for all teacher candidates in Puerto Rico
  • The cooperating teacher and the college professor (supervisor) will submit a final evaluation

Application & Screening Procedures

  • Students interested must attend the meeting held on April 3, 2007 to receive an Application Packet
  • An Application Form, three (3) Faculty Recommendation Forms and a Conditions of Participation Form must be completed by the designated date
  • Based on the Application Packet, selected students will be invited for interviews conducted by faculty
  • To be prepared for the interview, students must be ready to answer questions about Puerto Rico addressing current topics and issues
    • Students must also explain their reasons for wanting to participate in the Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico Program
  • Up to five (5) students will be invited to participate in the Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico Program
  • If approved, the students are required to:
    • Have a satisfactory rating from their cooperating teacher and section coordinator in professional semester or early field experience
    • Students will be required to attend meetings that will be held as needed
  • Secure an International Student ID Card (from KU International Student Office)
  • Secure a Passport
  • Provide proof of health insurance
  • Provide proof of liability insurance
  • Provide clear Criminal Background, Child Abuse Clearances
  • Secure a round trip airline ticket to Puerto Rico arriving at Aquadilla or Mayaquez on a predetermined date & time
  • Successfully complete the first clinical experience assignment

ESTIMATED Costs for Clinical Experience in Puerto Rico – Sem/Year

  • Airfare @ $ 400.00 to 600.00
  • Tuition, Fees & Room @ $ 3,000.00
  • Personal Expenses @ $ 1,600.00
    • Food
    • Side Trips
    • Entertainment
    • Other
  • TOTAL @ $ 5,000.00 (all fees are approximate)

*Plus expenses for the First Clinical Experience assignment at Kutztown University


  • Students who are accepted for this program register for all 14 credits of Clinical Experience at Kutztown University, the second 7 credits of which will be completed in Puerto Rico
  • You will register for ELU 390/391,SEU 390/392, ARU 390/391, LIB 390/391 or SPU 390/391

Transfer Credits

  • The college professors (supervisors) in Puerto Rico will assign grades for this Clinical Experience assignment
    • The credits will be handled as transfer credits by KU
  • Grades will NOT be used in calculating you final QPA at Kutztown University
  • A “T” for transfer credit will be listed on your KU transcript for the 7 credits of Clinical Experience completed in Puerto Rico (assuming a “C” or better is earned)

Payment of Tuition Fees

  • Tuition fees for the first 7 Clinical Experience credits must be paid to KU by the regular KU date
  • The fees for the second 7 credits of Clinical Experience will be paid directly to the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaquez before the departure date to Puerto Rico

Room and Board

  • Students will be housed in furnished quest housing at the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Borinquen, Aquadilla, Puerto Rico
  • The use of Coast Guard facilities (i.e. library, computer center, gym, etc.) will be available
  • Housing fees are due prior to departure to Puerto Rico

Airfare and Travel

  • Airfare can be secured at student rates with the International Student ID
  • Traveling before or after the Clinical Experience Program and during any breaks will be the responsibility of each student
  • Students must arrive in Puerto Rico on a specified day and at a specified time to facilitate ground transportation
    • On arrival in Puerto Rico you will be met as a group at the airport and transferred to the U.S. Coast Guard air station, You will be responsible for your return journey to the airport
    • The return trip to the USA can be scheduled any time after the conclusion of the Clinical Experience assignment. You will need to vacate the U.S. Coast Guard accommodation on the Saturday morning after your clinical experience ends, if you wish to stay a few days longer this should be arranged and paid for before you arrival.


  • Professional liability and medical insurance coverage must be in force during the entire clinical experience
  • Students must have medical coverage that will pay expenses while in Puerto Rico (and anywhere else that a student plans to visit)
  • An appropriate KU student health insurance plan, paid by the individual student, could be used

Orientation Sessions

  • Upon selection, the student must attend all orientation sessions conducted by Clinical Experience Director to prepare students for this experience
  • The student will be expected to do readings about Puerto Rico and the Department of Defense Schools

Exit Survey

  • All students must agree to complete a survey about the Puerto Rico experience upon their return to the USA
  • Exit interviews will be conducted the day before graduation