Mission & Commitment

The basic commitment of the Graduate Studies of the University is to the students matriculated in programs and courses designed to increase academic and professional competence, building upon knowledge gained at the baccalaureate level. The goals of graduate study at Kutztown University are that:

1. Students receiving graduate degrees should be competent to pursue increasingly independent scholarship and creative investigation in their disciplines. This may include further graduate study.

2. Students receiving graduate degrees should be competent to perform at more advanced levels of employment in their professions.

3. Non-degree students completing credit or non-credit work should be able to achieve their personal learning objectives.

Schedules are designed primarily to accommodate students who can attend classes in the evening and other alternative times. Although most graduate students attend part-time, there are usually about one hundred full-time students each semester. Some courses for graduate credit are offered in the summer, and these are scheduled at times which would seem most preferable to the clientele whom they are designed to serve.

Graduate Student Organizations

Alpha Epsilon Lambda. Kutztown University is the home of the Gamma Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Lambda. This chapter marked the founding of the first honor society solely for graduate students in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Alpha Epsilon Lambda is a national honor society for graduate and professional school students. The mission of the organization is to confer distinction for high achievement, promote leadership development, promote scholarship and encourage intellectual development, enrich the intellectual environment of graduate institutions, and encourage high standards of ethical behavior. Graduate students seeking membership in the Gamma Chapter at Kutztown University must have completed a minimum of 12 graduate semester hours, attain a graduate quality point average in the upper 35% of all graduate students currently enrolled at the University, and provide a record of leadership and service to the campus and the community. For further details, contact the Graduate Office.

Graduate Student Association. All enrolled graduate students are considered to be members of the Graduate Student Association. This organization exists to meet the social and professional development needs of graduate students at Kutztown University, as well as to address matters of general concern to the graduate student population. The GSA webpage can be found here.

Graduate Disclaimer


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