MAJORS Check Sheets

NOTE: General Education check sheets may differ among programs. Consult the department that administers the major.

Anthropology (B.A.)
Biochemistry (B.S.)
Biology/Molecular/Micro/Cell (B.S.)
Biology/Organismal/Ecology (B.S.)
Biology Pre-Medical & Other Health Careers (B.S.)
Chemistry (B.S.)
Computer Science/Information Technology (B.S.)
Computer Science/Software Development (B.S.)
Computer Science (Combined BS/MS)
Computer Science (Information Technology BS/MS)
Criminal Justice/General (B.S.)
Criminal Justice/Paralegal Studies (B.S.)
Electronic Media (B.S.)
          Business Administration Concomitant
          Computer & Information Science Concomitant

          Journalism/Public Relations Concomitant
          Meteorology Concomitant
          Multi-Discipline Concomitant
          Music Concomitant
          Psychology Concomitant
          Public Administration Concomitant
          Sociology Concomitant
          Speech and Theatre Concomitant
English/Cultural/Media Studies (B.A.)
English/General (B.A.)
English/Paralegal Studies (B.A.)
English/Professional Writing (B.A.)
English Professional Writing with Cultural & Media Studies (B.A.)
Environmental Science/Biology (B.S.)
Environmental Science/Chemistry (B.S.)
Environmental Science/Geology (B.S.)
French (B.A.)
General Studies (B.A.)
General Studies (B.S.)
General Studies/Professional Studies (B.S.)
Geography/General (B.A.)
Geography/Applied (B.A.)
Geography/Environmental (B.A.)
Geography/Globalization (B.A.)
Geology (B.S.)
German/Interdisciplinary (B.A.)
German Studies/Communication and Culture (B.A.)
History/General (B.A.)
History/Paralegal Studies (B.A.)
Marine Science/Biology (B.S.)
Marine Science/Chemistry (B.S.)
Marine Science/Geology (B.S.)
Marine Science/Physics (B.S.)
Mathematics/Pure/Applied (B.S.)
Medical Technology (B.S.)
Nursing (RNs only to B.S.N.)
Nursing (B.S.N. to S.N.C.)
Nursing (M.S.N.)
PA German Studies/PA German Culture in America (B.A.)
Philosophy (B.A.)
Philosophy/Religious Studies (B.A.)
Physics (B.S.)
Political Science (B.A.)
Political Science/Paralegal Studies (B.A.)
Psychology/General (B.S.)
Psychology/Clinical Counseling (B.S.)
Psychology/Industrial Organizational (B.S.)
Psychology/Paralegal Studies (B.S.)
Public Administration/General (B.S.)
Public Administration/Paralegal Studies (B.S.)
Social Work (B.S.W.)
Sociology/General (B.A.)
Sociology/Paralegal Studies (B.A.)
Spanish (B.A.)