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Framing the Future
Nov. 16, 2012

Seamless and Sustained
Nov. 18, 2011

Building Participatory
Culture - Nov. 19, 2010

Teaching Art with Gender
in Mind - Nov. 20, 2009

DisABILITIES - Nov. 21, 2008

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Building Participatory Culture

8:30 – 4:00
Kutztown University’s
Annual Art Education Conference



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communication of ideas


Building Participatory Culture will provide art teachers with a unique hands-on professional development opportunity. While the 1990s were characterized as the Information Age, the last ten years have been identified as the Age of Participation. These changes have developed in relation to both communication networks and learning theory and have effected art making, classrooms, and professional communities. In this spirit, Building Participatory Culture, will be a teacher-driven conference. Attendees will form into teams, each of which will be led by 3 facilitators; an artist, a master K-12 art teacher, and a nationally recognized Art Educator. Each team will participate in a self-directed art experience through which problems and possibilities for art education will emerge, be considered, and addressed in an action plan.

Teachers will:

  1. Explain and Explore the implications of Participatory Culture in relation to: Artmaking, Professional Development, and Instruction.
  2. Engage in participatory practices with the making of art.
  3. Engage in participatory practices with a Professional Community of Art
  4. Imagine and plan for participatory practices for use in PreK – 12 settings.
  5. Collaborate and join a network of art educators interested in emerging practices in Art Education.

6 Act 48 hours available for full attendance in the Conference





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