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Amy Pfeiler-Wunder

Amy Pfeiler-Wunder, Associate Professor




Amy Pfeiler-Wunder,
Associate Professor

Amy Pfeiler-Wunder, associate professor at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania earned her masters and PhD from the University of Iowa in Art Education and Teaching and Learning. While pursuing her masters and PhD she stayed active in the public schools and summer teaching programs, imagining, sharing stories, and making art with pre-K-9th grade students for thirteen years. In 2006, was recognized as Iowa’s Outstanding Elementary Art Educator. In 2007, she received the Western Region Outstanding Elementary Award from the National Art Education Association. Currently, she chairs the Professional Learning Through Research Working Group under the National Art Education Association Research Commission. Prior to that she served as the advisor at the national level to the National Art Education Association Student Chapter Leadership Team during their transition to becoming a Pre-Service Division, which includes a voting member on the national board.

Dr. Wunder’s research examines how children negotiate identity, power and class in the complex culture of the art room through the lens of class. She also examines how definitions of ‘child artist’ are negotiated in educational settings and how the art curriculum unfolds and is interpreted through the lens of socioeconomic status. Her other research interests include discourse in one’s professional identity, early professional mentoring and qualitative research practice. She presents annually at local and national conferences and professional development workshops.
She works closely with Dr. Marilyn Stewart with The Dinner Party Institute focused on feminist pedagogy. She is co-chair of the graduate program and works with numerous graduate students focused on the relationship between theory and practice in the art room. As an artist she creates artist books and collage focused on the complexities and tensions of being teacher/researcher/artist/ mother/daughter/woman.

Her publications include: Playing with Tensions of Theory to Practice: Teacher, Professor, and Students Co-Constructing Identity co-authored with a recent graduate of the M.Ed. Program, Rhonda Tomel in Art Education: The Journal of the National Art Education Association; Social Class and the Art Room, in Young Children, Pedagogy and the Arts edited by Felicity McArdle and Gail Boldt;
Speaking from Experience: Advice to Junior Faculty for Navigating the Tenure Track, Journal of New Faculty Development co-authored with Karin Tollefson-Hall, Kevin Hsieh, and Carole Henry;
Understanding and Using Case Study Methodology Informed by Autoethnography, in the book Practice Theory: Seeing the Power of Art Teacher Researchers edited by Melanie Buffington and Sara Wilson McKay;
Let’s Play: Dewey Aesthetics and the Elementary Art Room, published by the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia.

In the fall of 2013 she presented her research on Social Class and the Art Room at the European Early Childhood Education Research Association Conference in Tallinn, Estonia.


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