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Art Education

Available Institutes:

ARU/FAR 504: Explorations of Time, Materials and Site

ARU/CFT 546: Jewelry that Grows on Trees

ARU/CFT 542: Color & Textiles: The Woven Scarf
June 21 - July 2, 2014

ARU/FAR 504: Art on Site

ARU 541: Creating Pathways with The Dinner Party
July 13 - 18, 2014

ARU 570: Discover! Art and Science Integration for the K-12 Classroom
July 20 - 25, 2014

ARU/CFT 543: Clay and Computers for the Classroom

ARU 556: Teaching Art and Literacy through Picture Books

Art Education

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• Current Students

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• Programs Offered

• Current Students

• Prospective Students

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The Summer Institutes for Art Educators are held in the summer months that correspond to Public School summer vacation schedules. The Institutes provide intensive one to two week instruction in art education and its related fields of study. Art Education and Visual Studies classes meet for one week, all studio courses run for two weeks. The Institutes connect students with community resources and visiting artist/ scholars. The Institutes are designed to provide in-depth experiences that are unavailable through regular coursework.

Registration will begin March 10th and will end one week prior to the start of the Institute.  No refunds will be given after the start of class.

Non-credit registrations are limited.

Summer registration begins March 10, 2014

ACT 48 credit offered in partnership with PAEA.

Summer 2014 Visual Arts Institutes

June 16-27: ARU/FAR 504 Explorations of Time, Materials and Site:

June 16-27: ARU/CFT 546 Jewelry that Grows on Trees:

June 21-July 2: ARU/CFT 542 Color & Textiles: The Woven Scarf:
Scarves, Shawls, Rebozos, Capes, etc…….Beautiful cloth, graceful lines, warm, fuzzy, light and ethereal all this and more will be explored in this beginning to advanced workshop focusing on woven textiles, pattern and surface as it relates to wearable cloth used in close connection to the neck, face and body. Prof. Michael Radyk

June 21-July 2: ARU/FAR 504 Art on Site: Teaching Discovery and Invention
This institute will focus on ways that we can de-mystify the creative act for our students and ourselves.  An overview of the work of artists that use non-traditional methods of creating sculpture outside of the studio will begin this two-week studio course. Prof. Rick Salafia.

July 13-18: ARU 541 Creating Pathways with the Dinner Party
Find your place at our table during this week-long institute that will feed your mind, body, and soul.  Join the conversation as we explore art as voice for social change. Dr. Marilyn Stewart

July 20-25: ARU 570:  Discover! Art and Science Integration for the K-12 Classroom
This one-week hands-on-workshop explores the curricular interaction between Earth Science Topics and Big Ideas presented through a combination of science laboratory and field experiments with art/artists/studio practice. Dr. Amy Pfeiler-Wunder & Dr. Erin Kraal.

July 21-Aug 1: ARU/CFT 543: Clay and Computers for the Classroom:
Engage in the application of computer generated ceramic image transfers:  direct paper transfers, ‘home made’ ink jet printer decals, as well as custom commercial decals, all accomplished with electric kilns and ‘low fire’ clay and glazes common to the public school art room. Prof. Jim Chaney

July 28-Aug 1: ARU 556:  Teaching Art & Literacy through Picture Books:
Investigate the fascinating world of Picture Books and discover many novel creative teaching strategies for teaching art and literacy through popular, contemporary, postmodern and classic picture books in Pre-K - 8 educational settings. These approaches will highlight picture book integration as a vehicle in which to teach 21st century skills and the Common Core State Standards. Dr. Julia Hovanec



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