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• Programs Offered

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best practices in art education

Best Practices in Art Education provides graduate level coursework for certified teachers and teacher candidates. In these classes you will be taught by art teachers, identified by the Kutztown University Art Education program as exemplary practitioners, who hold a masters level degree in education or fine arts. No Best Practice courses are currently being offered.

Each Best Practice section is devoted to the unique exemplary practices of the instructor. Classes take place in the instructor’s art room using the same materials and resources used by their students. Best Practice courses offer students the opportunity to enter the worlds of their peers, gain new understandings about instruction, and participate in a community of art educators.

APPLICATION: Questions regarding registration can be answered by the OFFICE OF GRADUATE STUDIES.

KU STUDENTS: Students in the Kutztown University Graduate Program may register through the normal registration process. Students signing up for more than one Best Practice course will need to enroll through the Department of Art Education and Crafts.

Students not enrolled in a Kutztown University Graduate Program may 1) download the BEST PRACTICE BROCHURE, 2) Fill out the registration form, 3) Submit form and payment to the OFFICE OF LIFELONG LEARNING, and 4) supply that office with official transcripts from the institution where you received your Undergraduate Degree.

BEST PRACTICE CERTIFEICATE: The Art Education Best Practice Certificate is awarded to students who complete six Best Practices courses for a total of 180 Act 48 hours and six graduate course credits. The certificate signifies that the student has satisfied the Pennsylvania Act 48 requirement. The certificate also signifies that the participant has worked with instructors selected by the Kutztown University Art Education program for their exemplary teaching.

PROGRAM OF STUDY: Each course provides insight into exemplary instruction. Students may take a single or multiple ARU Best Practices courses. Students receive one graduate credit per course. Each credit satisfies thirty hours of Act 48 requirements. Students may apply six Best Practice credits toward their Masters degree program. Each class meets for two Saturdays from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm

Meeting dates are generally set two weeks apart for flexibility. Classes take place in the school of the instructor

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