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graduate masters in art education

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Art Education is oriented toward teaching and research in art and visual culture education. It is intended to prepare students to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of theoretical issues in art and visual culture education.
  • Develop a philosophical orientation that recognizes the role of art and visual culture in the lives of individuals and society.
  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of curriculum development and instructional processes.
  • Demonstrate critical and expressive responses to art and visual culture.

The program consists of required and elective courses that reflect current directions and literature in the field. Art and visual culture education draws upon diverse content areas such as critical theory, psychology, anthropology, and the humanities, as well as the more traditional content areas such as studio, art history, and criticism. While grounded in theory, the program focuses the attention of the candidate on current practices in public schools and other educational settings.

Students who hold a baccalaureate degree in art education or another appropriate field will complete 30-33 semester hours of graduate coursework. Twelve semester hours are earned through required courses; the remaining semester hours are earned through elective courses and, optionally, a thesis. The program of study includes 15-18 elective credits, chosen in consultation with the advisor, that reflect the professional interests of the candidate.

All students admitted into this program must complete all requirements within six calendar years from the date of initial enrollment in the first course with either regular or conditional admission status.

OPTION I - 30 semester hours
Required courses: 12
ARU 522 Perspectives in Art Education 3
ARU 536 Curriculum 3
ARU 591 Methods of Research 3
ARU 595 Graduate Seminar in Art Education 3
Electives: 18
OPTION II (Thesis) – 33 semester hours
Required courses: 18
ARU 522 Perspectives in Art Education 3
ARU 536 Curriculum 3
ARU 591 Methods of Research 3
ARU 595 Graduate Seminar in Art Education 3
EDU 503 Thesis (2 semesters) 6
Electives: 15

Potential Elective Courses

Downloads and Important Links

PDF Downloads KU and Beyond Links
Check Sheet – M.Ed. - Spring 2015 Pennsylvania Department of Education
Check Sheet – M.Ed. - Fall 2008 National Art Education Association
Info Sheet - Faculty Office Info. National Art Education Assoc KU Student Chapter
Info Sheet - Art Ed List Serve Academic Standards for Arts and Humanities
Application for Candidacy Section - Institutes
Individualized Instruction Form Section – Certification
Independent Study Form Section – Best Practice
Internship/Field Experience Form Section – Conferences
Certification Check Sheet Section – Workshops


  • ONLINE COURSEWORK: It is possible to complete the M.Ed. in Art Education completely online.  At least one required course is offered online each semester during the academic year.  Electives are offered online during the academic year as well as during Summer Session. 
  • SUMMER INSTITUTES and WORKSHOPS: These one to two week offerings utilize community and regional resources to provide intensive study in a specific area and can be taken for graduate credit.  For current information, please refer to the Summer Institutes section of the Art Education and Crafts website.
  • ART EDUCATION CONFERENCE: The Art Education Fall Conference provides a one day opportunity to engage with current issues in the filed.  Occasionally, optional conference offerings may extend beyond the one full day.  See the Conference section for more information.
  • ADVISOR:  Once admitted, students are assigned a program advisor who will provide general guidance through graduate studies. 
  • CANDIDACY: After successfully completing at least 12 credits and before completing 24 credits of graduate study, students are required to meet with the advisor (face-to-face or online) and complete the Candidacy Form to apply for candidacy status.  During this meeting, the student and advisor will review the courses taken and plan for the completion of the degree. 

The M.Ed. in Art Education PLUS Post Baccalaureate Certification 

The M.Ed. in Art Education is not a teacher certification program.
Students who do not hold certification to teach art may opt to pursue teacher certification while completing the requirements for the M.Ed. in Art Education. In such cases, the student will meet with an advisor to review previous transcripts and experience in order to design a program that will result in certification. Semester hour requirements will vary, depending upon each student’s history. In most cases, however, this program will require that the student complete a total number of semester hours that exceeds the 30-33 required for the M.Ed. in Art Education. Students wishing to pursue certification while working toward completion of the M.Ed. in Art Education degree should indicate this on the application for graduate admission.

Students may elect to take this option before or after having begun the M.Ed. program.  For more information, refer to the Certification section of this website.

Program Co-Coordinators

Dr. Marilyn Stewart and Dr. Amy Pfeiler-Wunder



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