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Art Education

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• Programs Offered

• Current Students

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Marilyn G. Stewart

Marilyn Stewart, Professor


Rethinking Curriculum in Art, by Marilyn G. Stewart and Syndey R. Walker


Thinking through Aesthetics, by Marilyn G. Stewart


Explorations in ART - Elementary School, by Marilyn G. Stewart and Eldon Katter


Explorations in ART - Middle School, by Marilyn G. Stewart and Eldon Katter



Marilyn G. Stewart, Professor

Marilyn Stewart, Ph.D. is Professor of Art Education at KU, co-author of the textbook program, Explorations in Art, co-author of Rethinking Curriculum in Art, author of Thinking Through Aesthetics, and editor of the Art Education in Practice series, all published by Davis Publications. A frequent keynote speaker and consultant in national curriculum projects, she has conducted over 200 extended institutes, seminars, or in-service days in over 25 states. The National Art Education Association named Dr. Stewart the 2011 National Art Educator of the Year.


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