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master of education in art education

The Master of Education in Art Education is oriented toward teaching and research in art and visual culture education.

  The program prepares students to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of theoretical issues in art and visual culture education
  • Develop a philosophical orientation that recognizes the role of art and visual culture in the lives of individuals and society
  • Develop a research orientation to the field of art and visual culture education Demonstrate advanced knowledge and understanding of curriculum development and instructional processes
  • Demonstrate critical and expressive responses to art and visual culture.

Application: Students in this program apply though Graduate Admissions. Students may construct a Grad-Plus-Cert Program that results in Pennsylvania Level I certification to teach art as an addition to their Masters Program. See M.Ed. Admissions section for details.

Program of Study:100% on-line option now available

The program consists of a core of required courses and elective offerings that reflect current directions and literature in the field. Art and visual culture education draws upon diverse content areas such as critical theory, psychology, and the humanities, as well as the more traditional content areas such as studio, art history and criticism. While grounded in theory, the program focuses the attention of the candidate on desirable current practices in public schools and other educational settings.

Students move through the program through a specific course sequence, which rests within a general set of policies and procedures. These are outlined in the Graduate Check Sheet. Students who hold a baccalaureate degree in art education or another appropriate baccalaureate degree will complete thirty one (31) semester hours of graduate course work, ten (10) semester hours of which are earned through the required core of courses. The remaining 21 credit hours are earned through a program of study developed in consultation with a faculty advisor. The program of study will include a reasonable concentration reflecting the professional interests and directions of the candidate. As part of their program, all students will complete a Thesis or a Paper/Project under the supervision of a thesis/paper/project advisor and reader, after first securing acceptance of the topic by the Degree Advisory Committee. Students seeking certification will need to enroll in the Grad-Plus-Cert option. The Grad-Plus-Cert Check Sheet and the Certification Check Sheet together clarify this program.

All students admitted into this program must complete all requirements within six (6) calendar years from the date of initial enrollment in the first course with either regular or conditional admission status.

Special opportunities: In order to accommodate the schedules of teachers, the program offers coursework in the evenings, weekends, and summer sessions. Our Summer Institutes offer one to two week intensive study opportunities that utilize community and regional resources. The annual autumn Art Education Conference provides an opportunity to engage in current issues in the field.


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