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Michael Radyk

Michael Radyk, Assistant Professor


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Michael Radyk, Assistant Professor

Michael Radyk, Assistant Professor of Textiles at Kutztown University received his MFA in 2008 from the Rhode Island School of Design and his BFA from Tyler School of Art. He is a recipient of residencies from the Hambidge Center for the Arts and Sciences in Rabun Gap, Georgia and the Oregon College of Art and Craft in Portland, Oregon. His hand woven and embroidered work was exhibited in 2011 at the Common Wealth Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Madison, in a show called New Weave: Five Contemporary Weavers. In October of 2010 Michael’s digitally designed and woven textiles were exhibited in a show called Binary Fiction: Digital Weaving at Eisentrager-Howard Gallery, University of Nebraska in Lincoln at the Textile Society of America Symposia. Michael has also exhibited his work at Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and the Joan Mondale Gallery at the Textile Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Michael was a visiting professor in Fabric Design at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia from 2008-2010 and Professor of Fibers at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia, from 2010-2011.

Inspiration for teaching:
"As an academic and artist, I work to encourage interest and critical thought by exposing students to the domains of the history and current practice in the textile field as well as architecture, art and design fields using a variety of films, discussions and presentations. My own education has been extremely rewarding, and I strive to provide students with the same experience."

Artist statement:
"The making of woven cloth is at the core of my artistic practice. My investigation into making cloth stems from those dualities inherent in its value, structure, meaning, production, visual impact, craft and history. What I hope to achieve in my cloth is an abstraction formed around dualities. In the work and textiles I produce there is a consistency of influences. As I weave my body around the halls of museums or my eyes around architectural references and words, the layering of their influences starts to overlap and under lap, touch and diverge. Using a multilayered or mosaic-like approach to research is how I work. Weaving together a sort of atlas of influence and memory, my aim is to demonstrate the evocative power of images which occur/recur, to expose their impact, their nature, to explain how they function, how they infect one another."


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