Please present the Standard A Mail Form, Check Requisition Form, and Form
3602-N to ALICA FAUST IN MAIL SERVICES for postage charge back,
before forwarding the request to Accounts Payable Office.  The Form 3602-N is
available at the Mail Center.

1) Weight of a single piece in Pounds                   ________________lbs.
   (Example - Piece weighs 2.5 ozs. 2.5 divide by 16 = .1560 lbs.)

2) Total number of PIECES in mailing                    ________________

3) Total number of POUNDS in mailing                    ________________

4) Processing Category
        a.   Letter
        b.   Flat                                       ________________

5)      Bulk Rate
        a.   Basic              @ .169 per piece        ________________

        b.   5-Digit            @ .142 per piece        ________________

6) Total Postage                                        ________________

7) DEADLINE:    Wednesday 11:00 AM for check to be cut for Friday.  Your 
   check request must be in the Accounts Payable Office by the above 
   mentioned time slot. 

DESCRIPTION OF MAILING  ______________________________

TOTAL PIECES IN MAILING  _____________________________

COST CENTER  _________________________________________

MAILING REQUESTED BY  ________________________________

APPROVED BY  _________________________________________


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