Procedures: How to Develop/Update a Policy

The KU Policy Register is a compilation of authorized academic and administrative policies of Kutztown University, which serves as a source of information for the campus community, and as a basis on which decisions can be made.

It is the responsibility of the Chief of Staff to the President to oversee and maintain the Policy Register, by recording any policies as approved by the Council of Trustees and/or the President, and endorsed by the appropriate governance structure.

This Policy Register is updated through periodic additions, deletions and changes. Policies under revision have been taken off the website, to avoid any misunderstanding. Further information may be obtained by contacting the President’s Office.

The Office of the President has prepared the following guidelines to help departments and university officials in the development and revision of official university policies:

The Chief of Staff to the President is responsible for the administration of university policies and will:

Policy Development and Formulation

Step by step guide for policy development and implementation

For Academic Policies:

For Administrative Policies: