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Kutztown University - Facilities
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Kutztown University - Facilities

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After-Hours Services

Physical Facilities is open from Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. with continuous phone coverage through lunch.  After-hours emergencies can be reported to Public Safety at x34001.  Facilities does maintain limited maintenance coverage after normal business hours and throughout the weekend.  Services during these time periods can be accessed by contacting Public Safety. 



Air Conditioning and Heating



Asbestos Abatement

All asbestos abatement activities are coordinated through the Environmental Health and Safety Office.  Status of abatement activities and questions related to this service can be directed to Mr. Steve Helms at x34050



Athletic Field Maintenance

Routine athletic field maintenance is provided by Facilities grounds personnel.  Special event requests such as field lining and special mowing requests for athletic events can be requested via iService Desk our online work order system.



Bicycle Racks






Building Automations System Administration

Physical Facilities recently added a Building Automations System Administrator to our staff that is responsible for the monitoring and programming of building systems like temperature controls, lighting controls and other system components.  Requests for temperature control adjustments can be made via iService Desk, our online work order system.  For more information regarding guidelines for standard heating and cooling target ranges and heating/cooling transition periods, see our Mechanical Shop page.  Important links for policies and procedures for this Facilities area is maintained at that site.  



Building Condition Inspections




All construction-related activities at Kutztown University are coordinated by the Office of Planning and Construction, a division of Physical Facilities.  



Custodial Services



Door repairs

Door repairs including, but not limited to, door knob and handle replacement and repair, hinge repairs and replacement, glass repair, door stop installations, and lock repairs are performed by the Facilities carpentry and lock shop groups.  Requests for services of this type can be made via iService Desk, our online work order system. 






Elevator Maintenance






Environmental Safety



Equipment Installation

Equipment Installation is defined by Physical Facilities as "The installation of equipment required by an academic or departmental program and not necessary for the proper operation of the physical facility itself.  Examples of this type of work are:  Fume hood installations, computer labs, meteorological equipment, specialized program air conditioning or ventilation requirements, etc."  New equipment installations can be requested via a Project Request Form.  For more information regarding the Project Request Process visit the web page for the Office of Planning and Construction 



Event Support Services

Facilities provides a broad range of services to support your special event on campus.  For a complete guide to planning your Facilities support for your campus event, please review our Event Planning Guide.






Exhaust Fans



Fire Alarm Maintenance



Fire Extinguishers



Furniture Maintenance

Maintenance and repair of University assets/furniture is provided primarily by the carpentry shop in Facilities.  Requests for furniture repair can be made via iService Desk, our online computerized work order system.  



Grounds keeping



Hazardous Materials



Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC)



Interruption of Utility Service




Keys can be requested by:

  • Submitting a Key Authorization Request Form via campus mail. Key holders will be contacted when keys are ready for pick-up and must pick the keys up in person in the Facilities Office.

  • Submitting a key request via iServiceDesk.  If a Key holder chooses to use this option to expedite their request, they must provide a signed Key Authorization Request Form with the appropriate Authorizing Official signature at the time the keys are picked up at the Facilities Office.  Key holders will be notified when keys are ready for pick up.  All keys must be picked up in person in Facilities.  

For more information on who can request keys and more information on the Key process, please see the Key and Lock Office web page. 






Light bulb replacement



Lock repairs

Maintenance and repair of locks and locking devices is the responsibility of the Key and Lock Office.  To request lock services, submit a request via iService Desk or contact the Work Control Center at x31594.  For key and lock emergencies, please call the Work Control Center. The Key and Lock Office also maintains a web page.  Please see their page for more lock-related information.



Lost Keys

Lost keys should be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety, the appropriate Dean or Director, and the Facilities Office Work Control Center.  The Facilities Key Clerk, Eileen Adam can be reached at x34844 if you have any questions or need assistance with reporting lost keys.


In accordance with Office of Physical Plant Operating Procedure 96-01R1 (OPP-OP 96-05R1 November 17, 1996), "Upon report of a lost or stolen key to Public Safety and Facilities (in accordance with the University Key and Lock Policy), this information is provided to the affected Dean or Director, who then notifies his /her Vice President or Cabinet Level Official.  The Cabinet Level Official, in discussion with The VP for Finance and Administration and/or the President, then weighs the security risk and potential loss due to theft of records and/or equipment and looks at any past records of break-ins or thefts for that area (with the aid of information from Public Safety).  Facilities can provide the scope of the re-keying effort from a standpoint of how many locks, people, spaces, etc., are affected by the loss of the specified key.  The Cabinet Level Officials and/or the President will then decide whether or not to re-key the space(s) and notify Facilities of their decision.  If re-keying is not recommended, Public Safety should increase their surveillance of the affected spaces for a period of time to help ensure that no one is trying to access the spaces with the lost/stolen key.  



Moving Services

The Facilities Labor Crew provides move services of various types including asset moves, relocation of university equipment, moving of boxes, moving of special event materials, large items for storeroom deliveries, etc.  Labor services can be requested via iServiceDesk, our online work order system.  More information regarding move services can be found at the Labor web page.  In addition, a customer guide for packing and planning for office moves is also available at the following link:  Physical Facilities Move Planning Package



Nameplates and Signs

Nameplates and Departmental signs are no longer provided by Facilities due to budget reductions.  However, Facilities can provide assistance in identifying resources for departments to purchase this kind of service.  Any purchases for nameplates, desk plates and signs must be funded by the requesting department.  Facilities will install name plates purchased by departments.  To request this service, submit a request via iService Desk, our online work order system. 



Painting Services



Pest Control Services






Preventive Maintenance






Refuse Collection and Disposal

Refuse collection within the building is performed by Custodial Services.  Refuse collection and disposal from outside dumpster locations is provided by a contracted service provider.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the removal of trash and debris from offices, classrooms, or other areas within your building, please contact the Work Control Center at x31594.  For questions, concerns, or schedule inquiries regarding trash removal services from dumpster areas, please contact the Manager of Facilities Support Services at x31594.  


Outside trash containers and recycling clusters are provided at various locations throughout campus. These containers are serviced by the Labor and Grounds crews.  For questions or concerns regarding these outside containers, please contact the Work Control Center at x31594.


Extra dumpsters and additional trash pick-ups to support special events or other initiatives can be provided.  Some of these services have additional costs that must be covered by the requesting department.  Contact the Work Control Center at x31594 for more information. 


Roof Services

Roofing repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the Mechanical Shop in Facilities.  Routine maintenance is performed on roofs to keep them in good condition.  However, if you experience roof leaks in your area, report them to the Work Control Center at x31594.






Snow and Ice Management

Snow and Ice Management at Kutztown University is a cooperative effort between several Facilities trades shops including labor, grounds and garage.  In some situations, other shop areas are asked to assist with snow and ice management operations when needed.  See the Snow web page for more details on the campus plan for snow removal.  Snow and Ice emergencies may be reported to the Work Control Center at x31594, but areas will be addressed in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Snow and Ice Management Plan.  



Space Management

Space management or space guideline information is kept in accordance with standards set forth by The State System of Higher Education.  Space management data is managed in the Office of Planning and Construction.  For further information contact the Office of Planning and Construction at x31332.



Sidewalk Maintenance



Sprinkler System Maintenance



Steam Services



Storm Sewer




The Physical Facilities department no longer provides tents to be used for special events.  However, we do maintain a list of local vendors that can provide this service for your special event.  Any costs incurred must be covered by the requesting department and arrangements must be coordinated directly by the event coordinator.  Contact the Work Control Center at x31594 for assistance in identifying local vendors that provide this service.   


If you are using a rental tent service or installing a small tent for a special event on campus, you must coordinate utility marking prior to the installation date.  Please contact Mr. Mike Reese, Utilities Manager, for utility marking services.  He can be reached at x34126.



Utility Locations

Prior to digging anywhere on campus, contact Mr. Mike Reese, Utilities Manager at x34126.



Utilities and Energy Management



Vehicle Maintenance and Repair






Window Cleaning



Window repairs

Window repairs and maintenance of window components is the responsibility of the carpentry shop in Facilities.  Requests for services of this kind can be submitted via iService Desk, our online work order system.
















Kutztown University - Facilities
Kutztown University - Facilities