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The Events Advisory Council (EAC) has established the deadline for early consideration of room reservations for activities scheduled for the 2013-2014 academic year as March 15, 2013 (at 4:00pm).  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the advisory council, the EAC sets policies and guidelines for the scheduling of all activities.  Each spring, the advisory council reviews applications for and oversees the preparation of the schedule of events for the following year.

 Please read the following information that provides for participation in the spring early event reservation process.  The following summary of guidelines established by the Events Advisory Council is in effect during the Spring Early Event Reservation Period. 



All Facilities (Except Student Recreation Center & McFarland Student Union)

The following priority system is used by the Events Advisory Council in the event of scheduling conflicts for all buildings except the McFarland Student Union & the Student Recreation Center:

1.    Regularly Scheduled Academic Courses (as determined by the Registrar’s Office)

2.    Intercollegiate Athletic Events

3.    KU Presents

4.    University interdepartmental events (major weekends/conferences  and Academic Services)

5.    University departmental major productions and conferences

6.    Programs sponsored by the Office of Student Involvement  

7.    Departmental programs

8.    Organizational programs

9.    Other (Non-departmental, non-SGA funded, external events)


Student Recreation Center

The established priority system for scheduling activities in the Student Recreation Center is as follows:

1.    Programs sponsored by the Recreational Services department

2.    Programs sponsored by the SGA, through the Recreational and Sports Club Council

3.    Programs sponsored by all other student organizations.

4.    Programs sponsored by the Athletics and/or Sport Management departments

5.    Programs sponsored by all other university departments

6.    Other (Non-departmental, non-SGA funded, external events)


McFarland Student Union

The established priority system for scheduling activities in the McFarland Student Union is as follows:

1.    Programs funded by the SGA through the Association of Campus Events, Student Government Board or other SGB funded programming organizations.

2.    Programs sponsored by all other student organizations.

3.    Programs sponsored by university departments

4.    Other (Non-departmental, non-SGA funded, external events)


This Early Event Reservation Process will review all requests for events scheduled from 8/12/13 – 5/17/14.  All departments and organizations wishing to register events for the 8/12/13 – 5/17/14 time period (and in accordance with these priority systems) must submit such registration requests no later than the 3/15/13 deadline to the Office of Conference Services (Education House, ext. 31359).  Events may be scheduled anytime, but those received after the 3/15/13 deadline will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

 Making an early event registration request:

Departments and organizations may submit early event reservation requests for their events by using the  Virtual EMS Room Reservation System – if you have any questions regarding the Virtual EMS Room Reservation System please contact the Office of Conference Services.  An early event reservation request for a student organization must be submitted by that organization’s advisor.  In order to participate in the early event reservation process, all student organizations must be registered with the Office of Student Involvement through KUnited.

Only early event reservation requests that give specific dates and times will be accepted for committee action.  However, this requirement has been waived for interdepartmental events such as major weekends, conferences, and special events for which it is impractical to expect specific dates far in advance.

 Organizations requesting such a waiver must submit documentation justifying such waiver.  Documentation should include tentative schedules, copies of past schedules for similar events sponsored by the organization, and/or a statement of intent identifying the University faculty or staff members who will be responsible for implementing proposed plans.  The waiver period would be in effect until 30 days prior to the beginning date of the events.  At that time specific dates and times would have to be submitted.  Failure to submit specific information could result in the events’ cancellation.

A reminder that classroom space can only be “tentatively” reserved till after the drop/add process is completed for each semester (at which time the reservation would be confirmed, if the classroom space is not being used for classes). 

The following information applies during both the Spring Event Early Reservation Period and throughout the remainder of the academic year:


Event Cancellation:  Sponsors who cancel an event registered for a major facility without at least two weeks prior notice or adequate justification to the advisory council will be subject to loss of use of major campus facilities for the following semester.                                                                                                   

All persons participating in the spring early event reservation process are urged to submit only those events that they are reasonably certain will occur.  Reserving rooms for events that have a high probability of being changed or cancelled defeats the purpose of the early event reservation system and subjects the sponsor to the penalties outlined above.

Appeals:  This Advisory Council will hear all appeals or concerns about these policies.  Persons should appear before the Advisory Council for determination.

If you have any questions regarding the early event registration process for 2013-2014 programs, please contact Terry Sitler via telephone at extension 31359 or via email at sitler@kutztown.edu.  Thank you.


Modified 11/12/12

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