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Conference Guidelines & Information

Kutztown University is pleased to place its facilities and services at the convenience of groups and organizations wishing to meet on campus. We strive to provide housing, meals and facilities with as comfortable an atmosphere as possible. You are requested to cooperate with University staff in accomplishing this objective. The following guidelines and information will help you.


  1. A residence hall is a facility designed for university students. It does not offer hotel accommodations and services, but you will find comfortable rooms in a pleasant environment. Each floor or wing has a central washroom with shower facilities. Since most rooms are not air-conditioned, guests may wish to bring a small fan. Air conditioning units are not allowed. It is recommended that guests bring their own alarm clocks since there is no wake-up service.

  2. The residence hall conference staff consists of the Office of Conference Services personnel, live-in Conference Assistants and custodial staff. Should problems arise such as breakage or malfunction of equipment or facilities, please advise a member of the staff.

  3. A member of the Kutztown University Conference Services staff will assign rooms and provide room keys to each guest as he/she arrives for the conference. (Note - usually the conference group registration will take place in a residence hall lobby. The Conference Services staff will work with conference representatives in assigning rooms if so desired). Upon check out, conference guests must return room keys. The conference group will be held responsible for all keys not returned and charged accordingly. The charge for lost keys is $60.00 per key.

  4. Linens may be provided for a designated fee. Furnished linens consist of two sheets, two towels and one washcloth. (pillows or blankets can be specially ordered at any additional cost). Clean towels and linens may be exchanged for extended stays. Linens are to be deposited in the linen bin (usually in desk area) upon check out. A guarantee number for linens will be required. The guarantee number is then the amount of linens that will be ordered and, in turn, will be billed to the conference. Additional linen, above the guaranteed number, will not be available. Please plan your number carefully.

  5. Coin operated washers and dryers are located on the ground or basement floors of residence halls. Other residence hall facilities such as floor lounges and kitchens are normally available for conference groups. Televisions or recreation equipment are not normally available for use by conference groups.

  6. There are no phones in the rooms. Staff may choose to bring phones for use in their rooms. Conferees are not encouraged to bring phones. Only credit card, collect and local calls may be made. A pay phone is available on the first floor of all the residence halls.

  7. Furniture and furnishings should not be rearranged or removed from rooms or public areas. Report breakage to the Conference Services staff. Furniture is placed according to maintenance needs and building and fire codes. Please respect these placements. If furniture is rearranged or moved, the conference group may be billed for the labor needed to return it to its original place.

  8. Fire, safety and hygienic standards prohibit the use of the following equipment in residence hall rooms: heating and immersion coils, space heaters, air conditioners, toasters, electric cooking devices (ie. skillets, hot plates or popcorn poppers), sun lamps or any electrical items with frayed wires.

  9. The following are also not permitted on University property.

    1. The possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs.
    2. Firearms, weapons, fireworks or explosives of any kind
    3. Pets

  10. Room windows should not be left open when checking out and screens should NEVER be removed except in extreme emergencies.

  11. The residence halls are usually locked from approximately 12:00midnight - 7:00am unless other arrangements are made in advance with the Office of Conference Services. Access to the residence hall can only be gained from the front entrance. All the secondary doors are exit only and alarmed 24 hours. Special arrangements within your conference group should be made if conferees or counselors plan on returning after the locked hours.

  12. Guests should observe the ordinary security measures one would practice in a hotel or motel. Keep the door locked and valuables out of sight once belongings are moved into a room. Kutztown University and the Kutztown University Foundation do not accept responsibility or liability for personal items. Take cash or valuable jewelry whenever leaving the room. Lost or found items should be reported to the Conference Services staff, who in turn will contact Public Safety.

  13. Conference guests should park in authorized parking lots, not in driveways, roadways or loading zones. The conference director will be informed of which lots are authorized for use. Cars parked in any other lot will be subject to ticketing or towing. Painted parking guidelines and signs denote illegal parking and tow zones. Cars that will be parked on campus throughout the conference may be required to have a visitor's permit obtainable from the Office of Conference Services and requested in advance of the conference.

Food and Dining Services
  1. Conference groups will be served at either the South Dining Hall or a previously arranged catered location.

  2. The KU Dining Service is responsible for writing menus for the cafeteria and special events. All meals will be served cafeteria style unless otherwise agreed upon

  3. Conference groups are billed on the basis of the final guarantee number (required approximately two weeks prior to the start of their camp) or the ID meal card count of those dining, whichever is higher.

  4. Conference groups are billed on the basis of the final guarantee number (required approximately two weeks prior to the start of their camp) or the ID meal card count of those dining, whichever is higher.

  5. KU Dining Services will consider and work with the conference group to satisfy any unusual requests or needs with respect to the cafeteria menu or service, although additional charges may result. Such requests must be discussed with the Office of Conference Services at least two months in advance.

  6. Special food related events/needs such as banquets, picnics and coffee/snack breaks, may be catered by the KU Dining Services if so requested by the conference group. KU Dining Services has first option on all food related requests. Meals and food items may be chosen from the Dining Service's selection. Arrangements must be made at least two months in advance. Contact the Office of Conference Services for this request.

  1. Kutztown University exists as an institution of higher education and its facilities are designed to meet educational needs. These facilities/classrooms will also work well as meeting rooms for conferences. Most, but not all, are air-conditioned. Walking distances may be greater than those of a traditional hotel/conference complex, so guests should plan on bringing comfortable shoes. Although not specifically designed for conference use, the facilities of Kutztown University provide a comfortable atmosphere for learning and sharing in a conference setting.

  2. The University will allow the use of meeting/classroom facilities that are appropriate for the needs of conferences and will not interfere with the primary educational mission of the University. The Office of Conference Services reserves the right to decide on and change specific buildings and rooms to be used by a conference group at any time.

  3. The University will provide for the general housekeeping and normal setup of assigned facilities. Additional charges may be charged for setup or staffing of facilities requiring extraordinary labor or overtime work.

  4. The Office of Conference Services will work with the conference group to provide audiovisual equipment and technicians, if needed and available. Requests for audiovisual equipment should be made at least two months in advance.

  5. All buildings on the Kutztown University campus are designated as smoke-free. Each building will have one entrance designated as an outdoor smoking area.

  1. The Office of Conference Services staff is NOT responsible for the supervision of conference guests, most importantly youth groups. The conference director is expected to provide an adequate number of counselors/chaperons or leaders to supervise the behavior of guests. If problems in this area occur, a member of the Conference Services staff will discuss the problem with one of the conference leaders. The Conference Services staff and other University representatives reserve the right to handle any problems which seem to present an immediate danger to an individual or the property of Kutztown University. In this case, a conference director will be informed of the problem and will be expected to take corrective action. The conference will also be charged for any destruction of property. A reminder that conferees should be supervised at all times while on campus (residence halls, dining hall, gymnasiums, swimming pool,).

  2. It is understood that the conference and all persons under its supervision and control will abide by the rules, regulations and requirements of Kutztown University for the use of its various services and facilities. It is further understood that the conference will withdraw, remove or expel any person(s) associated with or participating in the conference upon the request of the Office of Conference Services for good cause. Moreover, the conference agrees to cease and desist any activity, function, program, etc., upon the request of the Office of Conference Services for good cause. The term "good cause" as used shall include but not be limited to the violation of any rule, regulation or condition of Kutztown University.

Damage and Loss Liability
  1. The conference shall be responsible for all damages and losses beyond normal wear to buildings, facilities, grounds, equipment, furniture, etc. owned by or in part by Kutztown University and will be assessed accordingly. The assessment of the cost of repairs or replacements for any such damage or loss shall be determined by Kutztown University. A representative of the conference is encouraged to do a pre and post inspection with a member of the Conference Services staff.

  2. Kutztown University and its representatives shall accept no responsibility for theft or other loss of money, valuables or personal effects of conference guests or equipment or materials belonging to the conference sponsor organization.

  3. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the conference shall indemnify and hold harmless Kutztown University and its agents and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses or expenses including but not limited to attorney's fees, arising out of or resulting from the use of the premises of Kutztown University as agreed to in the University Hold Harmless Agreement.

  1. There are police officers on duty on campus 24 hours a day. Conference directors and guests will be expected to cooperate with the Department of Public Safety and its police officers and other University officials in evacuating buildings and completing other emergency procedures if necessary. The phone number for emergencies only is (610) 683-4001 or just 34001 when on campus. There are many emergency phones placed strategically around campus. Lifting the receiver and pressing one button automatically connects the caller to the emergency switchboard.

  2. Kutztown University reserves the right to inspect all facilities, buildings, etc. on campus, including the residence halls, to regulate use of them. Such inspections shall be conducted in company with a designated representative of the conference provided an emergency situation (i.e. fire) doesn't necessitate the University needing immediate access to the facility. Furthermore, a representative of Kutztown University may enter any building or room at any time to make needed and immediate repairs.

  3. There exists on campus a Health Center, which is staffed with medical personnel able to practice first aid treatment. The use of the Health Center may result in additional charges as necessary charged back to the conference. Minors must have Medical Permission Forms on file before treatment is administered. If a conference wishes to use its own form, approval must be sought from the Office of Conference Services at least one month prior to the conference and copies must be supplied to be kept on file in the Health Center.

  1. All Conference participants will be given some type of identification upon check-in (colored bracelet, lanyard, identification card, etc.). Each conferee will be assigned a specific identification, which must be worn/carried at all times during the conference. This identification will allow for use of the university facilities (previously scheduled and approved), Health Center, and Dining Hall. You may use your own form of identification in conjunction with the conference services identification if you desire. If you have a concern about the identification process, call the Office of Conference Services immediately.

Distribution and Selling of Items
  1. No one is permitted to tamper with, turn off, deface or obstruct the sale of goods of any vending machine on campus.

  2. No group may sell clothing or novelty items that have the Kutztown University logo on it without permission from the KU Student Bookstore and the Office of Conference Services. The group coordinator should work through the Office of Conference Services to get the needed permission.

  3. In accordance with the SSHE vending contract, only Pepsi products are permitted to be sold on campus. If your conference will be selling sodas or juices, please contact the Office of Conference Services for clarification and/or assistance.

  4. Conferences will be permitted to sell merchandise and food/drinks during their conference, with a $20.00 per day concession fee charged and being given to Kutztown University. The conference director must work with the Office of Conference Services to determine an appropriate location for the sales to take place. The concession (merchandise/ food/drink) fee will be added to the final conference invoice.

The conference director will be required to meet with the Director of Conference Services or his/her representative prior to the beginning of the conference. This meeting can take place the day before or the day of the first day of the conference. Contact the Office of Conference Services to set up an appointment.

The Office of Conference Services will work with your conference group to make your stay on our campus as rewarding as possible. Because of our experience in dealing with a wide variety of conferences, we can make suggestions and provide insight that will help your conference be a success. These guidelines provide a framework for your planning process, but as other questions arise, please feel free to call the Office of Conference Services at (610) 683-1359. We are very proud of our campus and want your groups stay here and in the Kutztown community to be as pleasant as possible.

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