Kutztown University

Exterior Door Numbering Project

Kutztown University - Facilities

  The Office of Environmental Health & Safety has numbered every exterior door on campus. This door identification is designed to aid police, fire and emergency medical personnel during responses to emergencies on campus. In the event of a large scale incident, emergency responders will come from remote municipalities to assist the local responders. Their unfamiliarity with the campus could cause delayed action and/or confusion during the event. This numbering system will aid tactical communication.

Numbers are burgundy on a gold 4" x 4" background. School colors have been chosen for aesthetics. The doors are numbered on the inside as well as the outside of each door to aid persons inside the building with location identification. Each building is numbered in a clock-wise direction with "1" as the main entrance, and each subsequent exterior man-door numbered in order. The clockwise numbering follows the direction of building orientation and labeling established as a standard in incident management systems recognized by emergency responders nationally.

The numbers can also be used by facilities staff, contractors, delivery persons, visitors, staff and students, as well. Some examples of their potential use are as follows:
  • To help identify locations for work orders
    •  "clogged spouting next to door #9"
    •  "loose handrail inside door #12"
  •  To give directions to visitors looking for a particular area
    •  "enter at door #6 and go up one flight of steps"
    •  "I will meet you inside door #8 at 4:30"
  •  To call for help
    •  "someone fell outside Old Main door #31"
    • "...I see smoke coming from door #18"

Contact Environmental, Health and Safety with any questions or comments you may have.