Right-to-Know Training


Welcome to Kutztown University's  on-line training program.

The Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right to Know Act (Act 1984-159) created a system for communicating information about hazardous materials used, produced or stored at work sites within the Commonwealth. You, as an employee of the Kutztown University, have a legal RIGHT TO KNOW the identity of the hazardous chemicals used in your workplace and the health hazards posed by your exposure to these substances.  Because of this law Kutztown University recognizes the need to address employee safety we have created this program to enhance our training efforts.

This on-line training program is designed to educate Kutztown University employees on the importance and benefits of properly recognizing and safely working with hazardous materials. Ultimately, our aim is to continue heightening employee safety awareness  as well as complying with the "Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right to Know Act of 1984".

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