University Building Heating and Cooling Guidelines


Kutztown University follows industry accepted guidelines for controlling the temperature within University owned buildings, as well as a planned schedule for transitioning from heating to cooling and back to heating. These guidelines are set to conform to the best possible balance between the University’s responsibility for fiscal and sustainable campus operations and creating the best learning, working and living conditions through proper environmental controls.


Temperature Set points

The campus wide building temperature set points are as follows:


            Heating optimum temperature = 72o, with an acceptable range of 68o to 76o.

            Cooling optimum temperature = 74o, with an acceptable range of 70o to 78o.


These set points are considered optimal and may be modified in times of an energy emergency such as during extremely hot and humid periods where electrical energy brownouts may otherwise occur.  Confirmed space temperatures outside the acceptable range will take maintenance precedence over  temperatures outside the optimum set point.



Building temperatures are automatically controlled through the Universities’ Building Automation System (BAS).  To maximize cost and energy savings, the University standard is to setback the building temperatures when unoccupied.  This may mean a very short period of time in the morning for which the temperatures are not yet optimal, but are well within the accepted range.


The normal occupancy schedule is as follows:


Occupied:  Monday – Friday, 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Setback cooling months 80 o

Setback heating months 65 o

Saturdays and Sundays are unoccupied temperatures.


Building setback temperatures will not be adjusted for individual spaces over normally unoccupied periods, but for special events, group activities, testing, etc., where operational building temperatures are desired, please enter a work order to ensure the change.   



The majority of the buildings on campus can either be in a heating or cooling mode, but not both. Therefore, Facilities must schedule for a transition between heating and cooling seasons.  It can take up to a full week for the complete campus transition to occur.  Student residential spaces take precedence during these transitional periods.  The transitional periods are as follows:    


            Heating Season – October 1st to May 1st.

            Cooling Season – May 2nd to September 30th


These dates are based on the average temperatures experienced at Kutztown University according to the National Weather Service and NOAA and therefore may be modified depending on abnormal weather conditions.



Thomas Green, Assistant Director of Campus Energy Services