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Kutztown University - Facilities
   Facilities Management Staff
Kutztown University - Facilities
Kutztown University - Facilities
Kutztown University - Facilities



Assistant Vice President for Facilities

R. Jeff Grimm



Director of Campus Energy Services

Tom Green x64324 green@kutztown.edu

Central Plant and Utilities


Director of Environmental Health & Safety Services

Steve Helms x34050 helms@kutztown.edu

Assistant Director of Environmental Health & Safety Services

Jeffrey LaGamba x64237 lagamba@kutztown.edu

Director of Facilities Operations & Maintenance

Kyle Mills x31387 mills@kutztown.edu

Mechanical Shop Manager

Mitch Finsel x34119 mfinsel@kutztown.edu

Mechanical Shop Supervisor

Mark Prevoznik x34150 prevozni@kutztown.edu

Mechanical Shop Supervisor

Mike Schlicher x34150 mschlich@kutztown.edu

Bldg Maint Foreman General Maintenance Shop

Steve Frankhouser x34613 sfrankho@kutztown.edu

Electrician Foreman

Thomas James x31578 tjames@kutztown.edu

Bldg Maint Foreman Night Maintenance

Juan Morales, Jr x34916 morales@kutztown.edu

Director of Facilities Project Services

Terry Brown x31332 tbrown@kutztown.edu

Director of Facilities Business & Campus Services

Kim Rhode



Assistant Director of Custodial Services

Paul Mackewicz x64170 mackewic@kutztown.edu

Custodial Supervisor 1st Shift

John Wenner x34127 wenner@kutztown.edu

Custodial Supervisor 2nd Shift

Teresa Kramer x34127 tkramer@kutztown.edu

Custodial Supervisor 3rd Shift

Joe Fahim x34127 fahim@kutztown.edu

Business Services Manager

Deb Bond x34120 bond@kutztown.edu

Work Control Center

Cindy Jones x31594 jones@kutztown.edu

Assistant Director of Campus Services

Will Meeker x64336 meeker@kutztown.edu

Automotive Mechanic Supervisor

Linwood Merkel x34125 merkel@kutztown.edu

University Architect

Carol Sztaba x31594 sztaba@kutztown.edu




Kutztown University - Facilities
Kutztown University - Facilities