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  Disability Services - IDEA / ADA Comparison


     Part of the transition process includes recognizing the differences between the legal frameworks under which students are served.  In postsecondary education under the ADA, students are required to self-disclose a disability and request accommodations.

     Comparison of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).





Requirements in the Law

Provides a free, appropriate, public education in the least restrictive environment. Extends coverage of section 504 to employment, public and private educational institutions, transportation providers and telecommunications, regardless of presence of any federal funding.
Definitions in the Law Specific disability categories are defined in the law; covers students with educational disabilities that require special services from specially trained teachers.

Not all students with disabilities are eligible.

Definition of disability essentially same as Section 504 and extends coverage to persons without disabilities who may be related to or associated with a person with a disability; Includes HIV status, contagious and non-contagious diseases.
Who is Covered Covers students with educational disabilities that require special education services ages 3 to 21 or until graduation. Protects all persons with a disability from discrimination in educational setting based solely on disability
Services Provided Offers educational services that are remedial in addition to services available to all mainstream students (ie, PE, Art, field trips) Eliminates barriers that would prevent a student from full participation in programs/services offered to the general school population.
Funding Schools receive federal funding to provide remedial services. Requires that schools not discriminate based on student's disability and must provide appropriate accommodations, but schools receive no additional financial support to provide support services or auxiliary aids.
Evaluation/Documentation School district is responsible for identifying and evaluating students with disabilities. Student must self-identify as having a disability and must provide adequate documentation of disability.
Evaluations are the responsibility of the school and are performed at no expense to student/parent. Evaluations/documentation of disability are student's responsibility and expense.
Parents must consent to evaluations and placement decisions. Student has responsibility for advocacy, negotiating accommodations plan.
IEP/Accommodations Individual Education Plan (IEP) developed with parents, teachers and other specialist involved. Accommodation plan developed with student, Disability Services Coordinator on campus.
Classroom Placement Placement must be in the least restrictive environment; may be special classrooms, resource, or regular classroom. (Elementary and secondary students). All courses are mainstream with accommodations provided to students who qualify under ADA.
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