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Procedure regarding Books-on-Tape and Alternative Text Format

Alternate Text Format Information

Students have the responsibility to inform the Disability Services Office of the course and text that is needed in alternate format.  


Students with a diagnosed learning disability, visual impairment or physical disability may qualify for receiving textbooks in an alternate format.  Eligibility for this accommodation is determined on a case-by-case basis and students must be able to demonstrate a substantial visual, learning or physical disability, which requires alternate materials.  Students are responsible for submitting textbook information to the Disability Services Office as soon as it is available, or as soon as they register for classes.  Typically, 4-6 weeks notice is required to obtain some types of alternate formats for texts. Late requests will result in a delay in providing materials.  The Disability Services Office will make every attempt to provide materials as promptly as possible.  Reasonable accommodations depend on the nature and severity of the documented disability.  While the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 requires that priority consideration be given to the specific methods requested by the student, it does not imply that a particular accommodation must be granted if it is deemed not reasonable and other suitable techniques are available.  Please read the procedures below:  


There are several ways to obtain alternative text.  Before asking Disability Services to scan your textbook which involves cutting off the binding of your book, please check the following web sites to see if you can download an electronic version of your text:



Web sites to check for E-text:

         The website, www.bookshare.org http://www.bookshare.org/web/ AboutIndividualSubscriptions.html U.S. students can request a free membership online through the new federal funding for student access to Bookshare.org.  Books and periodicals from Bookshare.org contain the full text of the publication (not pre-recorded audio) that can be read with the adaptive technology of the reader's choice. A talking software application is included with membership, providing members with one option for reading the books.


         Project Gutenberg – has a collection of 20,000 free electronic books in the public domain (no longer under copyright). Good source for classic literature and public documents.  Go to http://promo.net/pg /  to explore this website.



         Check the Library of Congress at http://lcweb.loc.gov/  

            a.  Click on Search our catalog

            b.  Click on Alternative interface search (lower right of screen)

            c.  Do general search

            d. Continue with specific libraries as necessary


         The Blind Bookworm:  The blind bookworm icon is named Milton, an acronym for the   developer’s pet project, Media Integrating literature and technology on the net.  Milton’s purpose is to offer resources for visually impaired readers and digital bookworms.  At this site pages include links to accessible audio books, e-text and e-books.  http://www.panix.com/~kestrell/sources.html 

         Check for e-text at netLibrary  http://www.netlibrary.com/ 


         Check for e-text at University of Virginia’s E-Book Library  http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/ebooks/    Contains approximately 70,000 on and off-line humanities texts in 12 languages and much more.


         Online Books Page:  This site is hosted by the University of Pennsylvania and contains thousands of online books freely readable on the internet.  http://digital.library.upenn.edu/books 


         www.Bartleby.com  provides free access to classical literature, reference works, non-fiction and verse.


         www.tiflolibros.com   provides e-text books in Spanish and other languages.


         The International Electronic Braille Library offers downloadable Braille books at www.braille.org/braille_books 


         American Printing House for the Blind: www.aph.org  (Braille, large print, sound recording)


         Search on Google and Microsoft which provide digitized copies of books from various library collections.   Google:  http://books.google.com  and Microsoft: http://search.live.com 


         Another site for links to e-text is Banned Books    http://www.tnellen.com/school/books.html


         The Kutztown University Library is running a trial of a major electronic books vendor:

http://site.ebrary.com/lib/kutztown   It included  over 40,000 academic titles in 16 disciplines *ebrary has an audio reader 


         Additional sites to check:



http://www.braillelibrary.org/    (Braille only)










         www.Textbooks.com  offers a feature to search for available e-books for purchase.

         Explore TextAloud   at www.TextAloud.com   which has an additional feature allowing the student to convert large batches of files to audio on an iPod. 


Free Downloads for Screen Readers:








www.etextreader.com  http://www.download.com/E-Text-Reader-IGT/3000-2279 4-10285673.html






SpokenText.net allows you to record PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, RSS news feeds, emails and web pages, and converts them to speech automatically.  You can download you recording as an iPod book or mp3file. 



         Text Scanning and Application of Synthetic Voice Output Software:

If a student is unable to download an electronic version of a text, the student may bring the purchased textbook to Disability Services and sign an agreement to allow the office to get the binding sliced off, scan the textbook and download it to a CD which is provided on loan.  In order to get voice output, download a free version of software at:  www.Readplease.com or other sites and apply it to the text document or use another software program such as the Daisy program that is provided by Bookshare.org or may be purchased from Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic.  The print shop may either tape or spiral bind the textbook after scanning.  Students will pick up the rebound text in the Disability Services Office. At the end of the semester, the student will return the text on CD to the Disability Services Office.  The bookstore does not receive rebound texts for resale.


“Read & Write Gold” by TextHelp http://www.readwritegold.com/read&writeguidedtour.html   and “Key to Access” by Premier Assistive Technology, www.readingmadeeasy.com   are two other software programs that provide voice output as well as other functions.


Sources of Audio Books


n  www.audible.com

Commercial books on tape

n  www.amazon.com



Procedure for Requesting Texts on CD from Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D):

         Obtain the texts that are required by either going on-line to the KU Bookstore Web site or calling the secretary or professor in the department office for the text information. 

         Forward to the Disability Services Office the course name and number as well as the title, author, publisher, edition and year of the text that you would like ordered by Disability Services. Go to the Disability Services Web site:  www.kutztown.edu/admin/humandiversity/disabilityservices /  to complete the form for text orders. CDs from RFB&D have been recorded with a natural voice.  

Every student is responsible for the pick-up and return of his/her text on CDs from the Disability Services Office.  If Disability Services has ordered CDs for you and they have not been picked up within two weeks of being notified, then the CDs will be returned to RFB&D.

         Individual membership is now free to individuals with proper certification, http://www.rfbd.org/certification.htm  For more information call RFB&D Customer Service at (800) 221-4792 or check the Web site at www.RFBD.org.  The texts on CD from RFB&D can be played on a Victor CD player, or accessed by software sold from RFB&D.  Visit www.RFBD.org  for information on how to access their CDs

         The Rohrbach Library has a room on the second floor called the Assistive Technology Center, Room 204.  There is software called Wynn Wizard on three (3) PCs in that room.  Wynn provides voice output and also has additional features including the ability to highlight main points and print a set of notes, as well as to create more space between the lines or click on a word to get the definition. The student scans a textbook page by page, or inserts a CD and listens to the voice as the cursor moves along the page.  The Open Book program and CCTV’s are also available in that room.  See Joanne Bucks in Room 203, Rohrbach Library, for assistance in the Assistive Technology Center.  If a student would like a peer helper please call the Disability Services Office at 610-683-4108

         Electronic text from the publisher provided to the student on CD.  Requesting e-text directly from a publisher may take up to a month to obtain, if available.  Disability Services will check with the publisher in lieu of scanning the textbook in the office, however, the student is responsible for submitting the textbook information on-line using the form at the Disability Services Web site at www.kutztown.edu/admin/humandiversity/disabilityservices/  as soon as the textbook information is available. Please note in the comment box that you are requesting a CD from the publisher. After receipt of the CD or e-text from the publisher, the student then applies his/her software program for voice output. Students are required to verify that they have purchased a print copy of the text. CD’s are returned to the Disability Services Office at the end of the semester.


Contacts for organizations:

RFB&D                                                  Independent Living Aids

20 Roszel Road                                       27 East Mall

Princeton, NJ  08540                              Plainview, NY  11903

www.rfbd.org                                         www.independentliving.com

1-800-221-4792                                                                        1-800-537-2118


Maxi Aids                                            Lighthouse Enterprises

42 Executive Boulevard                         Consumer Products Division

Farmingdale, NY  11735                       111 East 59th Street

www.maxiaids.com                                New York, NY  10022

1-800-522-6294                                                                      1-800-829-0500

Sight Connection                                 Library of Congress 

www.sightconnection.com                      Email:  nls@loc.gov

email:  csbstore@csbps.com                  1291 Taylor Street, NW

1-800-458-4888                                   Washington, DC  20542



Please call the Disability Services Office at 610-683-4108 with any questions you may have.


PR 1/10 alternate text revised

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