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  Disability Services - Services and Accommodations
     Kutztown University is committed to providing accessible programs, services and activities.

Please note:  Kutztown University Does Not Provide Diagnostic Testing To Determine a Disability

Physical Access, Mobility Training and Orientation

     Arrangements are made to ensure that classrooms are in accessible locations. It is important that mobility impaired students declare their disability and notify the Disability Services Office of any problems with access at least four weeks prior to the first day of instruction to avoid difficulties in providing access. Mobility orientation for students with visual impairments is provided by The Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services of Pennsylvania. Students need to contact their office at (570) 826-2361 or 1-866-227-4163 to arrange for mobility orientation.

Taped Textbooks and Large Print Materials

     The Provider of Services will assist students in arranging for textbooks on tape. Please refer to the Procedures for Obtaining Alternative Texts link to the left on this webpage for alternatives.

Assistive Technology

     The Rohrbach Library houses a number of assistive technology devices for use by students with disabilities. The Assistive Technology Center is located in RL 207.  The Center is equipped with a Reading Edge machine which reads printed material using voice output, two closed-circuit TV’s to enlarge images for individuals with visual impairments, a microfilm reader for the visually impaired, three PC's and three color printers.  Technology available includes Zoomtext, Jaws, Arkenstone's Open Book scanning softwre and Akenstone's Wynn Wizard.   A teletype (TTY) for the hearing impaired is also available. The library may be contacted at 610–683-4480. A Braille Printer and the Tiger Embosser which creates tactile graphics, are available in Program on Visual Impairment  in the College of Education, Beekey Education Building.

Alternative Testing Methods

     Students with disabilities have the right to be evaluated based solely on their abilities. If an evaluation method has a negative impact due to a student’s disability, the university will seek reasonable alternatives. These may include oral testing, alternative assessment, extended test times and/or testing done in a distraction-reduced environment.

Note takers

      Note takers are provided for students whose disabilities dictate assistance with note taking in class.

Note takers upload their notes to D2L.   Note takers are required to upload notes within 24 hours of the class.

The student’s receiving notes have the responsibility to download their notes in a timely manner.

Tape Recording

      Recording of lecture material is considered a reasonable accommodation for students whose disabilities dictate assistance in this venue. Students using this accommodation sign a contract agreeing not to share the tapes and this would be discussed in detail during one's accommodation meeting.

Readers and Scribes

     Readers and scribes are provided to assist with exams for students eligible for such accommodations. Students are encouraged to arrange for testing accommodations with their professors.  However, facilities, readers, scribes and proctors may be arranged by contacting Disability Services at  610-683-4108 3 to 5 days before an exam.


     Interpreter services need to be requested at least four weeks prior to the first day of instruction. The university cannot guarantee that interpreter services will be available on the first day of instruction for those students who choose to apply for services later than four weeks prior to the first day of instruction. However, every effort will be made to have interpreter services available to students as soon as possible. Students with hearing impairments may contact the Office of Disability Services at (610) 683-4108 or TDD for the hearing impaired at (610) 683-4499.

Communication with Individuals Who Have Hearing or Speech Impairments

     A TTY (teletype) is available in the library for communication with hearing impaired individuals. Call Pennsylvania’s Speech-to-Speech Relay Service (1-800-229-5746) for infrequent mediated phone conversations.


     If a student with a disability needs assistance with class registration, s/he should contact the Director of Disability Services, Room 215, Stratton Administration Building, 610-683-4108. Priority registration is available for those students with disabilities who have a documented need for this service. The need for priority registration is assessed on a case-by-case basis by the ADA Coordinator.

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