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  Disability Services - Student Frequently Asked Questions

How and why would I take my test at the DSO?

If a professor is unable to provide an accommodation because of a logistical problem, you may arrange to take the test at the DSO, with the professors permission.

At times, accommodations such as test readers, computers with spell check, and distraction reduced testing rooms are difficult for professors to provide. Rather than have you go without a needed accommodation, you may schedule the test at the DSO.

If you need to schedule an exam at the DSO, it must be scheduled a minimum of 3 to 5 full working days (Monday thru Friday only) before the exam date. Go to the DSO Web site at: http://www.kutztown.edu/admin/humandiversity/disabilityservices/notification.asp to complete the form and submit.

Of course if your professor has supplied you with a list of your scheduled tests  for the semester, you may submit them one at one time at one sitting. Be sure to get the date and time correct!

Part of your discussion with the professor will include arrangements on how the test is to be delivered and picked up from the DSO office so that you can supply this information when you request to take a test in our office.

Tests must be taken at the same time as the rest of the class, unless the DSO receives written permission from the professor agreeing to another time.

How Do I Get My Accommodation letters for my professors?

First you need to have your accommodation plan meeting. Then about two weeks after the new semester begins, the letters of accommodation may be ready to be picked up in the Disability Services Office (DSO) at 215 Stratton Administration Building.

You may self-disclose a disability at any time during the year.

If you do not pick up your letters each semester, they will NOT automatically be ready for you the next semester.

After picking up the letters, you may personally deliver them to your professors. If you do, go during their office hours in the beginning of the semester, and discuss how the accommodations will be met.

How do I get my notes?

You need to be approved for the accommodation of a note taker at your accommodation plan meeting.

Then, request notes from our office by going to the Disability Services Web Site: http://www.kutztown.edu/admin/humandiversity/disabilityservices/notetakerRequest.asp

Complete the form and submit. Your notes will be available on D2L once you are notified by our office.

 If you change your schedule, or withdraw from a class, or just no longer require notes for any class you must let Let DSO know by emailing notetakers@kutztown.edu - ASAP, Please!!!

How can I listen to my textbooks?

1. For text on CDs from the Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFBD), submit your textbook information by using the form on the DSO web site: http://www.kutztown.edu/admin/humandiversity/disabilityservices/alternateForm.asp

DSO will order the CDs if RFBD has them in stock. This is a natural voice recording of the text.

CDs from RFBD need to be accessed by using a Victor CD player or software that you may purchase directly from RFBD. Visit www.RFBD.org and have a personal account to order your own CDs. The membership fee is $65.00 and $35.00 per year.

DSO will scan your text-books, download to a CD, and loan the CD to you for a semester. You must sign a form allowing the binding of your textbooks to be cut off in order for the DSO to scan the book. The text will be rebound with tape. CDs must be returned to the DSO at the end of the semester.

For voice output to read the scanned text on CD, download a free software system such as www.readplease.com to get a synthetic voice to read the text. Or, purchase a version of a voice output software program of your choice to load on your computer.

The Assistive Technology Center in the Rohrbach Library, RL207, has the Winn Wizard program which provides voice for text. There is also the Open Book software program and Zoomtext. Additionally, explore other web sites that are listed in the Procedures for Alternate Text found on the DSO Web site at: http://www.kutztown.edu/admin/humandiversity/disabilityservices/procedures.shtml

For more information call the DSO.

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