Revised on May 28, 2008

Summer 1998 The Chancellor's Office informs Kutztown University that the Board of Governors is moving forwards with the initiative to implement a new administrative system for the State System of Higher Education.  Kutztown University is directed to discontinue its efforts and participate in a shared selection process for a new system.
Fall 2000 SAP, along with its partner, UNISYS is selected as the successful vendor.  The State System purchases its software product R/3.
Summer 2001 The State System creates a "System Technology Consortium" (SyTEC) to manage State System technology projects such as the Shared Administrative System Implementation and the Data Warehouse project.  The center is staffed with full time, permanent employees, employees on loan from the universities, and consultants.
February 2002 All phase 1 universities (Kutztown, East Stroudsburg, Cheyney, Clarion, and Shippensburg) participate in a "Transition Management" workshop.  The universities are asked to develop implementation plans for the SAP project.
April  2002 Kutztown University establishes its project management structure.  The university creates a project management team, and individual project teams as follows:
Project Management Team This team is charged with general implementation responsibilities including training, marketing, coordination and other duties. Team members include Nancy Drumheller, Craig Johnson, George Paterno, Sharon Picus, Gerald Silberman, and Jean Mae Smith.
Project Teams These teams handle implementation responsibilities specific to their areas.  The teams are composed of several individuals, most of whom are allocated to the project on a part-time basis.
May 2002 The acronym SASI (Shared Administrative System Implementation) is chosen to represent the project.
November 2002 Finance goes live on SAP.  Kutztown University is the only University in the PASSHE to go fully live on the cutover date.
July 2003 Human Resources goes live on SAP.
February 2005 Final SAP Campus Management blueprint comments sent to SyTEC by Kutztown University.  The blueprints contain the rules for setting up the application.
December 2005 Final SAP Campus Management commonality document comments sent to SyTEC by Kutztown University. The commonality document attempts to standardize certain university processes (while providing for the uniqueness of other processes) in order to maintain a cost sensitive, efficient application.
Spring 2006 SAP Campus Management functional team calls resume with regularity.  A detailed timeline is issued by SyTEC for the implementation of campus management.
March 2006 SyTEC staff visits the university during a kickoff meeting for Campus Management.  A broad implementation outline is shared with the functional leads of the University's student services offices.
April 2006 Certain members of the Financial Aid office begin detailed, lengthy training sessions at SyTEC for the purpose of implementing 'Financier' a product by WolffPack that will be integrated with SAP to handle Financial Aid processing.
May 2006 KU establishes a revised implementation structure for the campus management implementation, including establishing a central office of Data Management to house the distributed Systems Analysts.