Project Oversight

Revised on May 28, 2008

Because of the "shared" nature of SASI, the project is managed both at State System and University levels  

State System

Updated on May 28, 2008

The Board of Governors created two bodies to be primarily responsible for the oversight and management of the Shared Administrative Systems Implementation (SASI). In March, 2001 the Board of Governors created the "State System Technology Consortium" (SyTEC) to manage the project and an Executive Board to provide high-level leadership for the project and to oversee SyTEC.
The Executive Board created a steering committee to provide direction for the project's Finance and Human Resource modules.


SyTEC is composed of Unisys employees, SAP consultants, and university personnel working together to implement the SAP system. SyTEC personnel coordinate the overall implementation efforts at the State System Level. More information regarding SyTEC and its projects and staff can be found here.

Executive Board

The Executive Board provides high-level leadership for the project.  Reporting to the Chancellor in conjunction with the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology and Chief Operating Office for SyTEC, the Board provides high-level leadership and oversight.

Statewide Steering Committees

The most recent portion of the implementation is overseen by a Steering Committee composed of representatives from each of the 14 universities.  The representatives from Kutztown University are as follows.

Gerald Silberman Vice President, Administration and Finance
Kizzy Morris Interim Assistant Provost
Ted Hickman Associate Professor, Rohrbach Library
  Assistant Vice President, Administration and Finance

The Steering Committee provides for conceptual framework that guides the project teams in their development tasks as well as reviewing proposed policy change prior to implementation and those changes that will inevitably follow implementation.