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January - June 2008


Dr. Ann E. Bebout, Department of Physical Sciences, with Gray E. Bebout and Colin M. Graham, published the article “Cycling of B, Li, and LILE (K, Cs, Rb, Ba, Sr) into subduction zones: SIMS evidence from micas in high-P/T metasedimentary rocks” in Chemical Geology, vol. 239 (3-4), pp. 284-304, April 2007. 

Dr. Richard A. Crooker, Department of Geography, had two articles, "Climate Data, Proxy Records" and "El Niño and La Niña," accepted for publication in the Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, Calif., 2008.   

Elizabeth M. Casner, Department of English, published: “Creating Individualized Toolbars for Electronic Evaluation of Student Assignments” in   “South Central Association for language learning Technology (SOCALLT) ’07: 21st Century Technology in Language Teaching and Learning,” iUniverse, New York, 2007; “Polish/American Technology-based Cultural Exchange” in “SOCALLT ’08: Navigating the C’s with Technology,” iUniverse, New York, 2008; and “Writing Made Simple: Book 1: The Writing Process,” Author House, Bloomington, Ind., 2008. 

Dr. S. Pascale Dewey, Department of Modern Language Studies, published: “Vision blaisienne de l’enfance: le salut par l’écriture dans Une Saison dans la vie d’Emmanuel de Marie-Claire Blais” in “Visions poétiques de Marie-Claire Blais,” Les éditions du remue-ménage, Montréal, Québec, Canada, 2007; “Coming to Writing in Marie-Claire Blais’ ‘Les Manuscrits de Pauline Archange’in “Francophone Women Coming of Age: Memoirs of Childhood and Adolescence from France, Africa, Quebec and the Caribbean,” Cambridge University Press, Newcastle, U.K. 2007; “L’Odyssée d’un peuple: D’Acadie en Louisiane” in “Perspectives créoles: Louisiane, Antilles et Haïti,” Les Presses Universitaires du Nouveau-Monde, New Orleans, La. 2007; “Going Back to School 2006” in “Breakthrough: Essays in Honor of John Rassias,” Peter Lang, N.Y., 2007. Her published solicited book reviews include: Frédéric Bastien, “Le poids de la coopération: Le rapport France-Amérique” in “Chaire de recherche du Canada en Etudes Québécoises et Canadiennes,” Collection Débats, Québec-Amérique, Montréal, Québec, Canada, 2007; Pierre Couture, “Guillaume Couture, le roturier bâtisseur,” XYZ, Montréal, Québec, Canada, 2007; and Janine Ricouart et Roseanna Dufault, “Les Secrets de la Sphinxe: Lectures de l’oeuvre d’Anne-Marie Alonzo,” Les Editions du remue-ménage, Montréal, Québec, Canada, 2007.   

Dr. Dan Featherston, Department of English, published “The Clock Maker’s Memoir,” Cuneiform Press, Brooklyn, N.Y., 2007; the articles “The Sphinx Reversed: Some Thoughts on Olson’s Melville,” in “Charles Olson: A Poet’s Prose,” Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007; “A Place of First Permission: Robert Duncan’s Atlantis Dream” and “Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow,” in Modernism/Modernity, 2008; and the interview “Making Poetry Otherwise: A Roundtable Discussion with Jackson Mac Low,” in Jacket, vol. 34, 2007. 

Dr. Heather Fountain, Department of Art Education and Crafts, was invited to be an on-going columnist for the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Newsletter on Literacy. The first column, "Using Art to Differentiate Literature Instruction," was published March 2008. 

Dr. Kurt Friehauf, Department of Physical Sciences, published “Iron-sulfur redox and its effect on sulfur isotope fractionation in carbonate-hosted Cu-Au replacement ores, Superior, Arizonafor the Arizona Geological Society Ores and Orogenesis Symposium, Tucson, Ariz., September 2007.   

Dr. Michael P. Gabriel, Department of History, reviewed Craig W. Horle’s “Lawmaking and Legislators in Pennsylvania,” in “Pennsylvania History, vol. 3, pp. 1767-1775 and vol. 74, pp. 563-566, August 2007. 

Dr. Curt Herr, Department of English, published a critical edition of Ellen Wood’s Victorian novel “Danesbury House,” Whitlock Press, fall 2008. 

Dr. Mahfuzul Khondaker, Department of Criminal Justice, published a peer reviewed article in the Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education Journal of Lifelong Learning

Dr. Kevin Kjos, Department of Music, published “How to Build a Jazz Program” in JazzEd Magazine, March 2008. Under the direction of Kjos, “The Best is Yet to Come,” a compact disc by KU Jazz Ensemble I, was released, April 2008.   

Dr. Keith Logan, Department of Criminal Justice, published two encyclopedia entries, “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” and “Search Warrants,” the latter co-authored by Jonathan Kremser, Department of Criminal Justice, in “Battleground: Criminal Justice,” January 2008.

 Dr. Jordan D. Marché II, Department of Physical Sciences, published “Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers,” Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2007. 

Dr. Pamela McMullin-Messier, Department of Anthropology/Sociology, published “Family” and “Graying of Homophobia and Population,” in the Encyclopedia of Social Problems, Sage Publications Inc., May 2008.  

Dr. Donald McNamara, Department of English, published "Canals and the Irish Involvement" in "The Irish in America," a three-volume work containing the contributions the Irish have made to American life, ABC-CLIO, March 2008. He was the editor of “Which Direction Ireland,” Cambridge Scholars Publishing, December 2007.  

Melissa Nurczynski, Department of English, published a book review for "Swimming in a Sea of Death" on The Yaloshuba Review Online; a work of creative nonfiction, "Peru Train,” in The Yaloshuba Review: Literary Journal of the University of Mississippi, spring 2008; and published the magazine articles “My Hometown Aruba" in Budget Travel magazine, November 2007; and "The Philadelphia Wine School" and "Little St. Simons Island" in US Airways Magazine, January 2008.  

Dr. Al Pisciotta, Department of Criminal Justice, published: a book review of Norman Johnston’s “Forms of Constraint: A History of Prison Architecture” in International Criminal Justice Review, vol. 17, pp. 250-252, September 2007; “African American Criminal (In) Justice” in “Battleground: Criminal Justice,” vol. 1, pp. 13-24, Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 2007; and the entries “Sojourner Truth,” “Harriet Tubman,” and “Juvenile Justice” in the Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity and Society, Los Angeles, Calif., Sage Publications, 2008.

Dr. Christine J. Rhoads, Department of Accounting and Finance, published the following articles in the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal:  “Meetings of the Future will have Wall-sized Videoconferences,” vol. 18 (48), pg.10, December 2007; “Meditation May Help in Leading People, Boosting Wealth,” vol. 19 (1), pp. 5-7, Jan. 7 2008; “Will Online Trade Shows Ever Replace Real Ones,” vol. 19 (3), pg.3, Jan. 21, 2008; she published the following articles in JDEtips Journal: “Maximizing Staff Experience and Technology Use for Business Health,” vol. 8 (6), pp. 63-66, December 2007; “IT Spending in an Uncertain Economy,” vol. 9 (2), pp. 67-69, April 2008; and the following articles in the  SAPtips Journal: “To ASP or Not to ASP,” vol. 5 (5), pp.65-69, November 2007; “Maximizing Staff Experience and Technology Use for Business Health,” vol. 5 (6), pp. 79-82, January 2008; “Maximizing Planning and Technology Use for Business Health,” vol. 6 (1), pp. 86-91, March 2008; “IT Spending in an Uncertain Economy,” vol. 6 (2) pp. 68-70, April 2008, and “Maximizing Staff Experience and Technology Use for Business Health,” vol. 9 (1), pp. 50-54, February 2008. With Praeger Publishing, Wesport, Conn., she published the book “Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Information Technology,” March 2008, and edited the books “Entrepreneur’s Guide to Hiring and Building the Team,” January 2008, and “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Managing Growth and Handling Crises,” January 2007. She published the articles “Gathering IV: Scrubbing Rocks,” in The Wonderful Book of Wonderful Things: Gathering IV, vol. 21 (1), pp.374-376, December 2007 and “From Harming to Healing: A recent history of Taiji,” in the Journal of Martial Arts and Healing, vol. 2 (2), pp. 10-12, December 2007. Her article “A Predictive Model for Effective Technology Use” is scheduled to be published in the Journal of Applied Business and Economics, vol. 8 (2), September 2008. 

Dr. Louis Schwartz, Department of English, interviewed Dang Nhat Minh, Vietnam's most prominent film director. The interview, taped November 2007, was broadcast on Haydenfilms.com, an online festival for independent filmmakers, summer 2008. 

Dr. Steven M. Schnell, Department of Geography, published the article “Food with a Farmer’s Face: Community-Supported Agriculture in the United States,” Geographical Review magazine, vol. 97 (4), pp. 550-564, 2007; “Cyber-Trashing the Third World,” in The Sylvanian, the Pennsylvania Chapter of the Sierra Club newsletter, pp.18-19, November 2007/February 2008. 

Dr. Daniel S. Spiegel, Department of Computer Science, and William J. Jefferson, coordinator of the Learning Technology Center, published the article “Implementation of a University Standard for Personal Response Systems,” in the Association for Advancement of Computing in Education Journal. With Linda L. Day, chair, Department of Computer Science, and, Lisa M. Frye, Department of Computer Science, he published "Issues in the Instantiation of Template Classes," in SIGCSE Bulletin Inroads, June 2008. 

Dr. Heather H. Thomas, Department of English, published: the book “Blue Ruby,” FootHills Publishing, Kanona, N.Y., 2008; “Wallace Stevens: Reading’s Gift to Modern Poetry,” in Berks County Living magazine, February 2008; and reviewed Susan Smith Nash’s “Lonelyhearts Pawn Shop,” in Talisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, fall 2007.           

Dr. Valerie Trollinger, Department of Music, completed the manuscript of a new methods book, “Music in Elementary Education,” Prentice-Hall, which is scheduled for publication October 2008. The book is co-authored with Dr. John W. Flohr of Texas Woman’s University.

Dr. Douglas Michele Turco, Department of Human Kinetics, co-authored the book chapter, "A Look at the Watching Friends and Relatives Market at the 2007 Cricket World Cup," in “International Sport Events: The Caribbean Experience,” University of the West Indies, Trinidad, March 2008.

 Jeffrey Voccola, Department of English, edited Alexander Kielland’s "Skipper Worse," translation by Christopher Fauske, Cross-Cultural Communications, N.Y., 2008.   

Dr. John Walker, Department of Accounting and Finance, and Henry F. Check Jr., Department of Accounting and Finance, co-authored a special report, “To Understand Interest Rates You Need to Understand Interest Rate Theory,” in Banker’s Economic & Investment Alert magazine, December 2007; the article “Will 2008 Be Similar to 2007,” was published in Banker’s Economic & Investment Alert magazine, March 2008. He co-authored with Joseph G. Blake, Department of Accounting and Finance, the economics report “An Economic Outlook for 2008 and Beyond,” published online, January 2008, at: http://reports.sheshunoff.com/archive/200801_EconOutlook.php 

Dr. Robert C. Ziegenfus, Department of Geography, and Faculty Athletics Representative, published “An NCAA Convention Update for Division II” in  the publication of the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association (FARA) Faculty Voice, January 2008.



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