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University Senate Office Secretary

Pam Reichert-Rex
Office: 303 Stratton Administration Center
Phone: (610) 683-4675
Fax: (610) 683-4693

Office Hours:

127 Old Main - Wednesday from 11:00am to 4:30pm
Call for appointment at other times



Mission: The purpose of the University Senate is to function as a representative body of the faculty and professional staff to the end of initiating and/or reviewing all academic policies and procedures and any other matters which impact upon the University.

President:  Dr. Deryl Johnson
         Office: 127 OM
         Phone: (610) 683-4856
         Email: senate@kutztown.edu

Vice-President: Dr. Jennifer Schlegel
         Office: 470 OM
         Phone: (610) 683-1546
         Email: jschlege@kutztown.edu

Secretary:  Dr. Lisa Norris
Office: 122 SH
         Phone: (610) 683-4533
         Email: norris@kutztown.edu

Meeting Agenda & Attachments


Campus Climate Survey Information

Enrollment Management Information

University Senate Meeting Presentations-October 2, 2014

Retention Programs Draft – September 19, 2014

ACA-070 Declaring a Major

Academic & Student Affairs

CASA-Academic Enrichment

Housing, Residence Life & Dining Services

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan

Enrollment, Retention, Graduation, Continuation Update-Fall 2014



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