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University Senate
Administrative Council

A. Promotions Com *
B. Sabbatical Leave  *
C. Tenure Com *
D. Curriculum Com *
         General Education
         General Studies
         Graduate Curr
                 Honors Program

These committees do not report to APSCUF.  They are listed here because any bylaw revisions are to be approved by APSCUF.

Recommendations from A, B, C, and D
go directly to the University President. 

  1. Academic Standards and Policies Committee
  2. Academic Technology Committee
  3. Center for Enhancement of
    Teaching Advisory Board
  4. Committee on Committees
  5. Honorary Degree Committee
  6. Enrollment Management Committee
  7. Institutional Climate Committee
  8. Institutional Review Board for the
    Protection of Human Subjects
  9. International Affairs Committee
  10. Professional Development Committee
  11. Research Committee
  12. Strategic Planning & Resources Committee
  13. Athletic Policies & Programs Committee
  14. Events Advisory Council
  15. Student Faculty Review Board
  16. University Conduct Board


  1. Calendar Committee
  2. Campus Beautification & Preservation Committee
  3. Commission on Human Diversity
    1. Commission on the Status Of Minorities
    2. Commission on the Status Of Women
  4. University Safety & Security Council
  5. University Traffic Bureau

*title in parentheses is the person to whom the body reports

1. Academic Deans Council (Provost)
2. Athletic Hall of Fame (Univ Adv VP)
3. Chairnet (Provost)
4. Council for Teacher Ed (Dean of Ed)
5.Cultural Affairs Advisory Committee (Cult Affairs Dir)
6. DeFrancesco Mem Fund (Foundation Dir)
7.  Financial Aid Committee (Fin Aid Dir)
8.   Food Service Com (Fin & Adm VP)
9.   Graduate Council (Graduate Dean)
10. Library Committee (Library Dir)
11. Space Allocation Committee (Fin & Ad VP)
12. Student Teaching (Dean of Ed)

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