Kutztown Undergraduate Research Fund
Science Subcommittee - Presentation Travel Application Forms

Geological Society of America meeting -
          2004 Northeast section

Presentation Travel Proposal Restrictions

Due to budget limitations, we can fund travel up to a total of $700 per abstract.
This is not $700 per student!  Presentations with multiple student authors can only be funded up to a total of $700.

Proposals must be submitted prior to the travel or research for which funds are requested.

Proposals must follow this two part format:

1. Completed Signature Page - hand delivered with original signatures in blue ink to Dr. Kurt Friehauf in the Department of Physical Sciences (Boehm Bldg. room 135) (Dilbert cartoon about signature pages)
2. electronically submitted
      materials Once we've received your proposal, we will notify you that we've put you on the agenda for the next meeting.
At that meeting, you will be asked to give a short presentation to the committee explaining your research and request.

Proposal signature page (Microsoft Word)
Required proposal template (Microsoft Word)

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