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The Student Volunteer Coalition (SVC) combines efforts of student service organizations and Greek organizations in order to increase the impact of student community service within the community.  The SVC is an open forum for student groups and organizations to coordinate volunteer opportunities for Kutztown University.  This group circulates a monthly calendar of events that features campus wide volunteer opportunities.  The primary focus of the SVC is to spread awareness of the importance of volunteering. 

The organization's e-mail address is volunteer@kutztown.edu

Status:  Active

Advisor(s):  Jerry Schearer
President:   Heather Cory

Article I - Purpose

The name of the organization shall be the Outreach Volunteer Center of Kutztown University.

Article II-Purpose

Section1: The Coalition shall promote learning through service, both within the curriculum and through co-curricular involvement.

Section 2: The Coalition shall combine the efforts of all student organizations, in order to increase the impact of student community service within the community.

Section 3: The Coalition shall serve as the official student advisory board to the Kutztown University Volunteer Center.

Section 4: The Coalition shall provide a forum to address the social and economic concerns of the local community for students.

Section 5: The Coalition shall increase the number of Kutztown University students who are exposed to the benefits and rewards of participation in community service activities.

Section6: The Coalition shall decrease student apathy and increase student hope.

Article III - Membership

Section 1:Any Kutztown University student who has paid her/his student activity fee, is in good academic and disciplinary standards is eligible for membership.

Section 2: Active members must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative Quality Point Average.

Section 3: Active members shall consist of students who have attended at least two meeting per semester.

Article IV - Officers

    Section 1: The officers of The Student Volunteer Coalition, in order of rank, shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

    Section 2: Officer Duties and Responsibilities.

    1. President
      1. To preside at general and Executive Committee meetings.
      2. To act as the official spokesperson for the Student Volunteer Coalition.
      3. To oversee the work of the other officers.
      4. To call regular and special meetings as necessary.
      5. To lead in the planning of agendas for all meetings.

    2. Vice President
      1. To assume the duties and responsibilities of the President in her/his absence.
      2. To assist the President in the matters of the Student Volunteer Coalition.
      3. To serve in the Compilation Committee.
      4. To aid in the planning of agendas for all meetings.
      5. To assume the duties of the President until the end of her/his term in the event that the President resigns or is impeached.

    3. Treasurer
      1. To keep accurate and current records of all funds.
      2. To present financial reports at regular meetings.
      3. To serve on the Fundraising Committee.

    4. Secretary
      1. To take and record attendance at meetings.
      2. To record the minutes of the meetings.
      3. To inform members as to meeting times and other relevant information.
      4. To provide and distribute copies of the minutes to all members.
      5. To forward minutes to the Student Government Board Secretary.

    Section 3: The Executive Committee shall consist of the four officers, all being in good University standing.

    Section 4: All officers shall aid her/his successor to office at the end of their term.

Article V - Election Procedures

    Section 1: Officer Election

    1. All persons who have been members for at least one semester are eligible to be nominated for elected office.
    2. All members holding active status are eligible to vote during officer election.
    3. Election for officer for each academic year will take place at the beginning of each April.
    4. Newly elected officers will take office May 1 of each year
    5. The last week in April shall serve as a transition period for the newly elected officers.

    Section 2: Replacement of Officers

    1. If the offices of President should become vacant for any reason, the Vice President will automatically assume the office and shall complete the term for that academic year.
    2. If the offices of the Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary should become vacant for any reason, they will be filled at a special election held at the next regular meeting.

    Section 3: Removal of Officers

    1. Any officers may be impeached for failure to fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities as set down in the constitution ( Article IV, Section 2).
    2. In order to insure that due process is accorded to officers, the following procedure shall be used for impeachment:
      1. Charges of impeachment for failure to fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities as set down in the constitution ( Article IV, Section 2).
      2. A referendum calling for the convening of the active membership at a special meeting for the purpose of presenting charges of impeachment must be passed by an affirmative vote of 3/4 of the active members.
      3. Charges will be presented at the special meeting and time will be granted to the accused officer for rebuttal of the charges. Officers charged need not be present at the special meeting for the voting to take place.
      4. Officers may be removed only by a 3/4 affirmative vote of the active members present at the special meeting.

Article VI - Meeting

Section 1: Meeting days, times, and location will be determined by the executive committee and the advisor at the beginning of each academic years.

Section 2: Quorum will be established as a simple majority of the active membership (i.e., one half plus one).

Section 3: General meeting will be held a minimum of three times per semester.

Section 4: The Student Government Board Constitution and Robert's Rules of Order shall constitute the parliamentary authority in all meetings.

Article VII - Committees/ Appointees

    Section1: Standing Committees

    1. The Fundraising Committee shall be responsible for planning and implementing fundraising events, search for new sources of funds, and communicating with the potential sources of funds.
    2. The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for the promoting and publicizing upcoming events, programs and other community service opportunities, as well as publicizing such events in the surrounding area after the fact.
    3. The Compilation Committee shall be responsible for compiling the amount and degree of community serve which Kutztown University students, faculty, and staff have contributed.
    4. The Needs Assessment Committee shall be responsible for researching, investigated, and determined (to the best of their knowledge) the social service needs of the surrounding community.
    5. Special Committees: These committees will be formulated as needed by the President with the approval of the active membership.

    Section 3: Appointees

    1. Administrative Assistant is responsible for administrative tasks such as typing letters, filing, gathering information for volunteer opportunities, and acting as coordinator in the coordinator's absence, and other duties as assigned. Also responsible for coordinating the Hunger and Homelessness Week during the Spring Semester. This position is the second-in-command, and can also carry the responsibility of President of the Student Volunteer Coalition. In the coordinator's absence, other staff members report to the administrative assistant for assignment.
    2. Helping Hands Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the Helping Hands Spring Break trips to a variety of sites, including all travel arrangement, and housing before, during and after the trip. Duties include: advertising in conjunction with the Advertising Designer, interviewing and selecting volunteers to participate, designating group leaders, photographers, journalists, and drivers, scheduling and running leader meetings, and individual group meeting with ice-breakers, rules, and details of each trip. After Spring Break, the Coordinator is responsible for program evaluation, and some form of appreciation for all the volunteers. Also responsible for coordinating a minimum of one weekend service trip for the fall semester( approximately October, 7-9 students), and miscellaneous tasks as assigned.
    3. Environmental coordinator is responsible for coordinating volunteer Opportunities in the environmental arena, including clean-ups, environmental education, trial blazing, and painting on campus and in the local area. projects are coordinated with the following organizations: Blue Mountain Camp, Blue Marsh Lake, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, French Creek, Nolde Forest, and Rodale Institute. Other duties include information interested groups (such as the Environmental Science Forum and the Outdoor Club) about upcoming opportunities.
    4. Multicultural Coordinator is responsible for informing the various ethic Groups about volunteer opportunities at the University. The Coordinator plans programs and volunteer events that increase cultural awareness and promote positive multicultural relationships. Other duties include: attending ethnic group meetings on campus, documentation of volunteer hours, making outside connection of public organizations, and other duties as assigned.
    5. AIDS/HIV Awareness Coordinator is responsible for AIDS awareness and education through speakers and presentations to the campus community. Other responsibilities include being a member of the Student Health Advisory Board, putting together the ARTS 4 AIDS Benefit during the Spring Semester, and establishing a relationship with AIDS Hospices and/or residential homes for interested volunteers.
    6. Advertising Designer is responsible for all creative processes involved in brainstorming and designing all ads, meeting deadlines for events, and presenting all finished work to coordinator of event for approval. The designer will also be responsible for advertisement control, distribution, and miscellaneous tasks as assigned.
    7. Education/ Tutoring Coordinator is responsible for recruiting volunteers for education/tutoring programs, maintaining accurate ACT 34 and Child Abuse Clearance records for all the tutors, transportation to and from volunteer sites, working with on-site coordinators, training of tutors, and other tasks as assigned. Coordinator must also have ACT 34 and Child Abuse Clearance to be hired.
    8. Community Youth Coordinator is responsible for identifying community volunteer need and the organization, publicity and presentation of the Annual Haunted Hayride. Responsibility also include newsletter publication and tracking the hours of all volunteer programs completed by Kutztown University.
    9. Greek Council/ Residence Life Liaison is responsible for recruiting ,and managing volunteer for Berks County Big brothers/Big Sisters office, and planning events on and off campus involving COUL Club Kids. Also responsible for arranging training and transportation for each event and miscellaneous tasks as assigned
    10. Volunteer Recruiter is responsible for calling volunteers to inform then upcoming, one- time volunteer opportunities, maintaining accurate phone logs, sign-in sheets and volunteer applications. the Volunteer Recruiter will also coordinate drivers, meeting times and place, and will give directions to drivers. This detail-oriented job requires excellent phone skills, computing skills, and an ability to work independently. This person is also responsible for office bulk mailing (i.e. invitations to Volunteer Appreciation Parties, newsletters, etc.) and miscellaneous tasks as assigned.
Article VIII -Advisor

The advisor of the Student Volunteer Coalition shall be a full-time member of the Kutztown University faculty or staff who is employed the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Article IX - Ratification

This constitution shall become ratified upon a majority vote of the students present at the organizational meeting, approval of the Student Government Board, the Student Affairs Committee, and the President of Kutztown University.

Volunteer Programs Article X - Amendment

Section1: A petition of 25% of the active membership is required for a motion to amend this constitution.

Section 2: The Executive Committee will review the amendment and preset it to the membership.

Section 3: This constitution may be amended, except for its name, by a 2/3 affirmative vote of the active members.

Section 4: Amendment to this constitution shall become effective upon subsequent approval by the Student Government Board, the Student Affairs Committee, and the President of Kutztown University.

Volunteer Programs Article XI - Club Compliance

The Student Volunteer Coalition agrees to comply with all rules and regulations of Kutztown University as well as all laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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