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Clinical Services Fee

Although your health center fee (based upon enrollment credits) covers a wide range of services, the ongoing high cost of healthcare has resulted in our assessing a fee for some specialized services.   Clinical services that incur a fee are discussed with the student during the appointment and the student's signature is obtained, which permits the charge to be placed on his/her KU account.   Students who have not been charged the semester health center fee may have it added to their account by emailing the medical records manager at hirsch@kutztown.edu.

The following services are available at no additional fee:

  • Physician appointments
  • Nurse appointments
  • Women's health appointments
  • Self-care items (cough drops, sore throat lozenges, OTC pain relievers) in the hallway outside of Clinical Services
  • Health education materials
  • Healthcare counseling
  • Referrals to community resources

Services that incur the miscellaneous health center fee (billed to a student's university account) include:

  • Allergy injection services - Per visit:  $5.00 for one injection; $10.00 for two or more injections.
  • Vaccines:  MMR - $48; Tetanus - $35; Varicella - $95; TB test (group only) - $10.
  • Administration of a non-stocked vaccine - $10 administration fee.
  • Prescription medications (in stock) - $5.00 per medication; $3.00 for some skin creams
  • Medical Supplies - $3.00
  • Wound Care - Extensive - $25.00 per semester
  • On-site lab fee - $10 plus external lab cost
  • Nebulizer Treatments - $10 per set-up fee

Kutztown University calculates your health center fee based upon enrollment credits.