Why Study German?

Proficiency in a second language can be beneficial in any career path. What employers look for most in potential employees is something that sets them apart from hundreds of other applicants. Being proficient in another language can give you that advantage. Not only does a second language raise your chances of employment, but it expands your choice of employment opportunities. Studying a second language opens the door to new career opportunities and makes you more likely to gain employment.

So why study German? Germany has the third largest economy and is one of the leading export nations in the world.  Therefore, the German economy has its focus on international businesses. Many of these businesses are located here in the U.S. For more information, visit the Goethe Institute's website.

Having proficiency in the German language will also allow you to find employment abroad in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  Employers located in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are always looking for individuals with a proficiency in German.