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SSN Conversion FAQ's

Question: What is the SSN Conversion?
Because KU cares about student privacy, we will be issuing new student ID numbers so that social security numbers are no longer the primary identification number for our students. With the new student ID number, social security numbers will not be requested from students to obtain KU services, but will remain for required uses such as financial aid.

Question: When will this conversion occur?
KU systems will be converted to recognize the new student ID number as opposed to the student social security number over the weekend of May 9 and 10, 2009.  During this conversion, there will be limited access to ALL KU systems including Online Student Services (OSS).  We anticipate this conversion to take up to four days.

Question: What is the new Student ID number?
Students will be issued a six-digit student ID number to replace the use of their social security number.  This number will be requested to obtain services on campus.  It will be printed on your Student ID card.

Question: Will my KU student ID card be affected?
ALL KU students will need a new ID card (they are a new design!).  This must be done in person at the One Card office starting May 18, 2009.  You will need to hand in your current ID card to get the new one.  The Student ID card will become mandatory to have with you anytime you are attempting to get service, many services will need to swipe it.  For more information regarding the new ID card and the issuance, click here.

Question: Do I have to get a NEW ID card?
Yes.  You may do so starting May 18, 2009, in the One-Card Office.  This must be done by Oct. 2, 2009, to avoid your card being disabled.

Question: How much will it cost to get a NEW ID card?
There is no cost.

Question: Must I present my ID card to obtain services?
Yes, students are required to have this KU student ID card on them at all times.  In fact, many offices on campus will begin implementing swipe machines for service, it will be the most secure way of obtaining services on campus.

Question: I have my new ID card and there are two numbers on it – what is the difference?
One number is the new six-digit student ID number which is replacing your SSN for identification purposes.  The second number is your sixteen-digit ID card number which is utilized for, among other things, Bear Bucks purchases.

Question: What if I call for service from an office?
Offices will not ask for your SSN.  They may ask a series of questions to validate your identity including your student ID number.

Question: What if I e-mail for service from an office?
Offices will never require your SSN in an e-mail.  They may ask a series of questions to validate your identity.  All inquiries for service MUST come from your KU e-mail account in an attempt to validate your identity.  E-mail inquiries from non-KU e-mail accounts may not receive assistance.

Question: When submitting payment or having a scholarship sent to KU we are told to include our SSN on the item.  What should we do now?
The SSN will no longer be required.  We encourage you to share your new student ID number with your scholarship provider or payment source.  If they do not yet have that number, we do highly encourage the sender to spell your name clearly including middle initial.  During the transition period we will accept the last four digits of your SSN if you feel that the additional identifier is needed to get the funds posted to your account.

Question: So will I ever need to use my SSN on campus?
Yes.  Certain services may still require the use of your SSN, such as federal loans, grants, military benefits, and scholarships.  Again for your protection, it should not be supplied in an e-mail.

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