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Rohrbach Library Green Team - Projects


  • Seal Building Envelope - Donna has called in work orders to weather-strip exterior doors Facilities has already done the receiving entrance doorway. Yet to do: emergency exits on the ground floor.
  • Keep front double doors closed - Dawn Boody has been instrumental in making sure the inner front doors are not propped open. This seemingly trivial task has an enormous effect on the energy usage of the building HVAC system.
  • Building walk through - We are in the process of developing a checklist for the building that will allow us to monitor water and power resource usage on a regular basis.


  • Posters - We are exploring ways to heighten awareness of recycling throughout the building. Check out our wiki to see what we've come up with so far, and add your ideas.
  • Containers - We are looking into containers that will help make sorting recyclables more automatic. Joanne Bucks is working with the Penn State Harrisburg library to explore alternatives.
  • Reuse of printer paper - Hats off to Denise Moll and the Technical services Department for using discarded paper that has only been printed on one side.

Elecricity use

  • Occupancy Sensors - Tom Green and the Energy Management Department will be installing occupancy sensors that will shut down lights when they are not needed. These will be placed in appropriate locations throughout the library.
Page updated 20 June 2011