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Off-Campus Access to Databases

Please note: Transition to a new login process began in Spring 2014. Some database links still lead to the screen shown below, but most now follow slightly different steps.

There are two ways to access our electronic resources from off campus.  You can use either your KU library ID number, or your campus login and password.

Your KU library ID is the 16-digit number on the front of your KU ID card beginning 50392 or 622001, or the 14-digit number on your gold library card beginning 20506.  Enter the number exactly as it appears; do not include spaces. For this to work, your card number must be 'activated' by the library. Borrowing any item activates your card automatically, or you can call 610-683-4480 or stop by the Information Commons desk to have it activated instantly.

Your campus login is the login name and password that you use to access the computers on campus.  (Note: this may be different from your email password.)

The two ways to log in from off campus:

Off-campus login screen

If you are a KU student or employee and you can't get into password-protected databases, please contact the library by calling 610-683-4480 or filling out our online contact form. Including any error messages will help us diagnose the problem.
Page updated 28 February 2014