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Abridge is compact library service. A librarian traveling weekly with a lap top computer combines information service, users, and a public-involvement policy that includes outreach to create a mobile, flexible, partnering ‘mini library’ meeting students close to ‘home.’ The campus Multicultural Center sits in close proximity to many student residences. A number of student organizations regularly meet at the Center and many activities, both academic and social, take place there. This strategic campus Center permits the library to use their resources/study room for library related service.
Abridge is an opportunity for students to practice accessing library resources from our library home page, fine-tune library research skills, rehearse search strategies, employ analytic skills to design research projects, and have library-related questions answered with the assistance of a librarian. Students can interact directly with Rohrbach Library every Wednesday evening.


Keystone Library Network
State System of Higher Education
Rohrbach Library, Kutztown University
 Kutztown, PA 19530